Forced leave - first two weeks of Feb

Discussion in 'Holidays & Travel' started by akashra, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Apr 25, 2003
    Melbourne, AU
    So long story short, I'm gonna get bitten by our work policy that we have to bring down our leave to a certain level by Jan 31 every year. This time, I have 13 working days I'll have to use at that point.

    Annoying however, I'll be recoving from jaw surgery, so I'll still be on a soft food diet.

    There's a few of places I'd like to go... unfortunately none of them have particularly nice/warm weather in February. Those places include New York, DC, Copenhagen/Malmo, Dover, Austria, Ireland/Siamsa Tíre, the Louvre.
    I suppose at some point I wouldn't mind checking out Santorini or Paris Disneyland either if I was there (I've been to DLR twice in the last 10 months, so WDW is out for a couple of years).

    At some point I also want to go back and ride up Haleakala (I rode up Mauna Kea a few years ago) - but I definitely won't have the energy for it when this trip has to happen. I was going to look at going over to France/Britain/Austria in June when the Grand Prix are on in that area.

    So I'm looking for some options and ideas to burn around 13 working days (~17 days). Do any of those places seem bearable with early February weather/holiday peaks?
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    May 24, 2004
    Santorini would be a waste of time weather wise, Austria would be amazing if you ski(although surgery probably negates this, however the scenery is amazing), you could do France/Paris Disney/Dover and Austria in your time frame easily, and whilst it would be cold it wouldn't be unbearable. Likewise NY/DC is doable just be cold. JQ just released dirt cheap fairs to Hawaii in your travel periods ($199 from SYD) so that might be nice with roughly 23 Degrees average. I know which I would choose!
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    Aug 18, 2004
    I did Paris in winter (and brussels/brugges, amsterdam) loved it! Beer is pretty soft.
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