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    Aug 22, 2005
    Looking for recommendations for a full English breaky in Melbourne.

    None or that Cathay Pacific or St Regis "full English" stuff either where you need to order 4 just to fill you up. Just a proper one with English bacon/sausages, eggs, bubble & squeak, mushrooms, blood pudding, beans, hash brown, toast, coffee, HP sauce, etc.

    Normally in the former colonies it's easy to get an English fry up but here in Mel I still haven't found one. I don't want one of those fusion ones with the salty Spanish sausage and the salty Aussie bacon.

    So any suggestions?
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    Jul 24, 2007
    Gidday W's.
    Not sure if this info is still needed, but many nurseries will offer this type of fare for breakfast. I've been locally to Rivers cafe in Yarrambat (just up the road from me in NE Melb) and they offer this type of brekkie on their menu : https://www.riversofyarrambat.com/#
    Reflecting on my breakfast experiences, you might struggle to get black pudding (YUM!), but I've had full breakfasts at several Melbourne nurseries.
    Several years ago a group of us went to Mount Alexander Road, Essendon (near Brickmaker arms) can't remember the name? - which was good.
    Also, Beasley's Nursery in Warrandyte was good : http://www.beasleysnursery.com.au
    It would appear that there's no money in plants, but good money in food and beverage!
    I hope this helps you out.

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