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Gigabyte Z690I AORUS Ultra RECALL

Discussion in 'Intel x86 CPUs and chipsets' started by rg144, May 15, 2022.

  1. akromatic

    akromatic Member

    Aug 20, 2008
    This is precicely why I also mentioned m.2 specs for the "lite" simply because IMO this is a PCB layering issue that does not conform to PCIe gen4 or higher specs. This means the PCB traces throughout the motherboard is not up to scratch. I'm fine with PCIe gen3 still being used today but for a higher teir motherboard from the latest chipset this is not really acceptable. There will be may consumers being caught off guard thinking a Z690 motherboard should have all other features that is standard with Z690 especially once this board gets into the used market and superseeded where majority has forgotten about the issue.

    This also makes diagnosing problems exceptionally hard and I'm sure alot of less PC savvy people don't even know this recall exist and would keep using the motherboard as is under its old moniker getting short changed in performance and lack of futher support.
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  2. groovetek

    groovetek Member

    Oct 19, 2003
    Haha. Once you exclude GB and MSI from your shopping list for motherboards, what's left other than Asrock and Asus?

    Every other brand you would once have considered purchasing has basically disappeared (DFI, Epox, Abit, ECS, Intel, Leadtek) - the other remaining ones are probably less trustworthy than GB/MSI.

    Support and software suck with GB, but in terms of motherboards their track record is pretty good given the volume they manufacture/sell (be interesting to see what these numbers are).

    Asus software is pretty crappy too to be honest - it's as though Asus and GB teamed up and contracted the same dummy to develop both GPU Tweak II and Aorus Engine. They are surprisingly similarly in their quirks and usability issues.

    There's no doubt in this case though we are 100% talking about a motherboard design/manufacturing issue - this is not an Intel chipset binning issue.

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