Gnomoria - Graphical Dwarf Fortress

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    If you've played Dwarf Fortress or Towns, the gameplay will be familiar to you,
    you gather resources, mine and set up your base and also defend it from nasty intruders while expanding your colony.




    Gameplay Resources

    Gnomoria Wiki

    Gnomoria Forums

    Gnomoria is available right now in Alpha for $8 ($10 at release) at
    or on Desura

    There's also a FREE demo (limited to 6 (in game) days of gameplay) here:

    Keep in mind that this game IS just an Alpha, so there are bugs and crashes
    If you want to help the developer you can submit bugs on the Gnomoria forums or on the dedicated Gnomoria Bug depository here:

    Some people are more lucky with the crashes than others, I get them quite often and they all seem to be related to Alt-Tabbing or other programs (Steam, windows update) making popup notifications that crash the game.

    So, Saving often is reccomended!
    I believe that F4 is a quicksave hotkey.
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    Mar 11, 2002
    game is now upto v0.8.3 with some good bug fixes new art.

    to any one that gives this a try some quick tips to stop the game crashing or maxing out your cpu.... no joke :sick:
    always take you time when putting up walls to never trap anyone same when removing floor tiles, getting people traped crashes the game.!!

    If the game FPS starts to tank bad pause the game and look how many people you have idle and if you have to many idle then find them something to do even if its moving dirt to a stockpile.

    i should post some pics of my city.... mega walled farm area up top and a big mess below lol :leet: and i hate farZK as i like my coffee hot and this game makes my coffee go cold lol:thumbup:
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    Nov 25, 2009
    I got excited and thought this would be a graphical FE for dwarf fort :(

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