Google Wifi Speaker groups broken

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    Impacting Goolge wifi (Gen1) unsure about the new Google Nest.

    An FYI post.

    When google pushed out their latest firmware update they killed the broadcast and group Speaker functions. Depending on who you speak to at Google its mDNS or Net View that allows all devices to see each other in the mesh system. This means that a google home speaker group will no longer function as expected.

    Google Speaker Groups will only play on the speakers that are connected to the same wifi router that the command originated from. Speakers connect to the same network via a different Google Mesh router will not play.

    Workaround is to unplug all but one Google Wifi Router. So if you live in a shoebox all your speakers will connect to a single router and there are no issues.

    If you use more than one MESH Google Router then you're screwed.

    Google are not publishing anything about this anywhere, not assisting in their community forums so their customers are spending hours and days trying to fix an issue they already know about.

    Google have no ETA but are happy to suggest you upgrade to Google Nest to resolve the issue.
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