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    My wife is currently completing a vocational certificate in Graphic Design.

    In order to complete the last module in her qualification, she needs to receive a quick industry critique from a designer or somebody in the design field. This does not need to be formal and can just be quick notes, just enough to denote consultation with the industry. If you are able to take the time can you please leave your name and a website reference for her form.

    The project to be critiqued was a small animal graphic created as part of her study into design systems.

    The questions are noted below and can be answered in a return email, if you are able.

    1) Do you think the graphic visually communicates the student’s objective?

    2) Is the graphic legible and able to stand on its own as a self-contained system?

    3) In your opinion has the student used design elements and principles successfully to unify the design?

    4) Do you think the designer has successfully communicated his/her overall goal or objective?

    5) What suggestions would you offer the student to improve their work?

    6) Did you find the students work up to industry standard?

    Thank-you so much for your time. I hope that you have a wonderful day.
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