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    Nov 26, 2015
    hi. a blind it student doing a audio accessible web game for the blind, space invaders. first time doing a web game, have done a text based text to speech hangman game in visual basic 2010. in 2012. now, if any one can be able to mentor me, and give me a hand, better way to do things, and have learned, pulled tutorials from different places, and typed up the code to try to learn. now need to get me speak.js and see if any more different human voices, then a tutorial, how to speak out all the different objects on the screen. the main reason, why going with mespeak.js, do not have to then have to code for different screen readers, different operating os. can any one help me out, take a look at my code, then suggest, how to do it better or differently. have tried hard to do my best, but sort of stuck at the moment, going forward. so, if any one wants to help, be gentle, trying my best. and to understand what's going on, and tried to document as best as possible, and then tried to expand the game. then only the text to speech, then multiplayer, then play over the internet. can any one help. thanks. marvin from adelaide, sa. australia.

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