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    Ok so I have a new RP and notice a hot pixel when the lens cap is on. That is, it shows me a bright red pixel in the viewfinder. In RAW, these don't seem to show in the photos.

    The hot pixel with the lens cap on makes sense as it's automatically cranking the ISO and setting exposure to a few seconds. What I don't get is why it's not showing up in my photos. It shouldn't be processing out noise if it's RAW right?

    This is a brand new RP, a few weeks old and I spotted this about a week into use. I'm not inclined to return it because I'm otherwise happy with it. I'm worried though that in a year or so this might become a permanently hot pixel, or at least show up in lower ISOs with shorter shutter speeds.

    I purchased locally at camera warehouse, so I know, I should talk to them. Just curious what people's thoughts are assuming they'll probably tell me it's nothing to worry about.
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    This happens on most sensors... you just do a manual sensor clean on Canon and it 'masks/maps' hot pixels IIRC from my 5D Days. Or maybe its a sensor clean with the front cap on (no lens)

    More info here -

    Just google Canon hot pixel mapping for more results.

    Up to you to return it on not.. pretty standard you could have more/less on your next body though.

    You don't see it on your photos because it gets mapped out/flagged and that data is kept in camera.
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