How do people get their games in 2019

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Flavzz, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Jan 23, 2003
    For Outer worlds, I joined xbox pc beta. Cost me $1 first month then $5/month while in beta.
    Just finished the game and will prob cancel my sub.
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    Nov 1, 2008
    This must be what it is like for vault dwellers when they thaw from the ice and ask NPCs what's going on. :D

    Checking bargain sites regularly like reddit or ozbargain. Also check any social sites with 'patient gamer' groups

    Subscription plans like Humble Monthly and XBOX for PC. Great for anyone without many games.

    Otherwise use for finding decent games on the massive 25000+ Steam catalogue, and then use to look up prices on things that interest you.

    Epic also hands out free games every week*... assuming you dont have a moral compass about using Epic Games Launcher.
    (*until the end of the year)

    Occasionally an Australian retailer will do loss-leader sales on new games to get you into the store. JB Hifi, Hardly Normal and Big W do this often so you may find AAA anticipated games being $10-30 cheaper than digital distribution :D

    Also many physical retail PC games these days come in a CD box without a disc. It's usually just a piece of paper with a serial on it. So hopefully you got the fibre to the home or similar.

    A decent strategy is to just add a bunch of games to your steam wishlist and then filter by "on sale" or "75% off" or "<$10" and you can just nab things as they become cheap enough for you. Overtime you'll accumulate so many damn games that new releases no longer interest you due to your massive backlog.

    Digital games these days are normally region locked. So buyer beware especially on overseas stores. Most stores will tell you if the key you are buying will work for your region based on your IP. You can usually forget any keys that came from EU or Russia or China or India. They are all region locked and don't normally work for us in Australia.

    For the ultra bargain hunters, use cash rewards / honey if the site has coupons. And most stores will now charge that 10% GST which you can uh.. you know... plus the exchange rate is crap if they set it for you. So uh... you know... avoid it if you know how.
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    Taking a break from gaming isn't a bad thing. Neither is being a "patient gamer".

    Most of OCAU's gaming threads are packed to the brim with people complaining bitterly about game engine performance, frame rates and patches. Playing games a few years behind ensures you have non of those problems.

    Downside is you sometimes miss our on multi player content. And if course online only games subtotal work that way. But if you're in to single player games, it's a cheap and reliable way to play games.

    Or go one step further, and just go full retro.
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