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How To: Samsung Gear VR Cooling

Discussion in 'Google Android (OS & Devices)' started by DaveHimself, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. DaveHimself

    DaveHimself Member

    Aug 4, 2004
    *Warning* some electrical skills needed.
    So i didn't want to stick a fan on the outside...what i have is 2 small 5vdc fans inside the housing with their own USB plug for power.

    Tools you will need;
    20w Soldering Iron
    Dremel with fine cutting wheel and sanding wheel.
    Hot Glue Gun
    Solder (Fine)
    Small and Medium Heat Shrink
    Side Cutters (Fine)
    Spare USB Cable (Will need to be cut up)
    Fine screwdriver Set
    Good Lighting
    Clamps (Optional for soldering)
    2 x 30x30x6mm 5VDC fans

    The Start:

    6 screws on the face underneath 4 plastic grommets and 2 under the little sticker in the middle top.

    3 screws on the left side plate plus a little hook tab (these 3 screws are different size so watch out).

    10 screws on next plate in.

    once plates are lifted flip the connector tab off the mainboard and place to the side.

    Take the cog shafts out as they will fall out when you turn it over.
    Left side on the main board DO NOT TRY TO PEEL THIS OFF it is there for a reason.

    I was going to go with slotted vents but decided to drill holes to keep it looking nicer.
    Make sure to measure out twice for the size of your fan/s.

    I just used hot glue to set the fans in place and ran the wires through the bottom slot.

    Doesn't look pretty but it's on the inside and it cannot be seen.

    Used and old USB cable to cut and use the RED 5+v and BLACK 5-v to power the fans.
    Solder these nicely and use heatshrink.

    Then heatshrink some more.

    Next is the secondary plate that has a side part for the best of me i could not see any point and it also would not fit with the fans in place, take your dremel and cutting wheel and remove....careful not to cut into the mounting points.

    Tidy it up so it won't cause any binding issues.

    With your USB through the vent it is a little tricky to fit the inner cover back over the extra cable, don't forget to hotglue the cable to prevent accidental pulling on it.

    Now the fun bit of re-fitting it all back together, watch out for the leveling screwblocks that move the phone in and out from your eyes.....they do need to be level to re-fit, it did take me a few goes and also test the winding mechanism before doing everything back up.

    Now hopefully you tested and re-tested like good students and it all worked like a charm.
    Yeah it adds a little bulk with another cable but so far the kids have been playing for almost 2 hours and the S6 Edge+ is still cool and no lens fog.
  2. stinkyminge

    stinkyminge Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    Perth, Hilton
    Good job.it doesnt take long for the damn lenses to fog
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016

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