HP(E) ML110 Gen9 - Fan Noise vs Ambient Temp

Discussion in 'Business & Enterprise Computing' started by CB60, May 6, 2021.

  1. CB60

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    Apr 24, 2021
    Quick one for those familiar with the HP(E) ML110 Gen9 - how do the fans behave noise-wise when the ambient (intake) temperature is in the 25-30C range?

    I'm looking to put one of these machines in an office where there's no air-conditioning, which means the server may see ambient temperatures up to 30C on some days. The machine's gonna be running very close to idle so there won't be much heat being produced to begin with.

    The last HPE tower server I had (a ML10v2, with the same iLO 4 management as the ML110 Gen9) would ramp its system fan from 9% up to 100% once you passed 25C, regardless of what you had the fan profile set to or whether you had drives connected. The fan noise made it impossible to use in summer.

    Conversely I've had DL380p Gen8s that've been happy to idle at baseline even in a 35C room with fans only ramping in accordance with system load.

    If anyone's put one of these boxes into an environment without air conditioning and can speak for their acoustical behaviour above 25C, that'd be much appreciated!
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    Jun 28, 2001
    Was that temp measured by the server or elsewhere in the room? The 3 servers you mentioned all have a note in their specs saying "System performance during standard operating support may be reduced if operating with a fan fault or above 30°C" so they may have a hard coded setting to ramp up the speed if temp is detected at 30C or higher - possible that even if the room is 25C the server is seeing 30C depending on where it is and where the temp sensor is etc.

    DL380s have 4-6 fans depending on if theyre a 1 or 2 CPU model, where the towers only have a single fan (2 if you get the extended ambient temp model), so to get decent airflow they wouldn't need to ramp up as much.

    I haven't, but from looking at the tech specs of the 3 servers if you go for a non-performance ML110G9 you're likely to see an improvement over the other 2 - other 2 list their noise level at 23C ambient as 27dBA where the ML110G9 is 21dBA (25dBA for the performance model) - unfortunately they don't list noise levels at other temps.

    What area are you in? You say the server may see ambient temps of 30C some days - will it see more than this? If you don't get the extended ambient temp model then the ML110 has an upper supported limit of 35C (40C with extended ambient model) so I'd say you may be flying too close to the sun with the standard model.
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    Aug 22, 2005
    We have an ML110g10 which just handles backups (mostly idle). We close the door to the server room during the day because of the noise of other servers and the room gets pretty warm by the end of the day. It gets pretty noisy by then. That being said our DL380ps gets even louder so if you find the DL380p is quiet enough then the ML110 should be fine.

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