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    Mar 11, 2004
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    I little while back i made some Themed DIY speakers to go with a custom case build i did.

    Not having much room on left on the desktop i needed a speaker with a narrow foot print.
    Depth and height wasn't a prob. A common theme with most desktop setups.

    I decided To go with the awsome little B3N swann's. A full range versatile 3" Driver. And to up power and air movement i decided to go with 2 per cab. For a total of 4 ohms. Most small amps will handle this nps nowadays.

    My Mk 1's are beastly ! Some would say ugly ! But the punch out some good sound.

    The MK II's are for the wifey and she wanted something a bit more elegant and of course white.

    Still some fine tuning to be done. (maybe a zaph mod) More stuffing and port correction but they are already sound very sweet.

    Made from 6mm and 12mm plex these things are solid with some good weight to em.

    There's a bunch of build pics here but i will post a full worklog.


    And a link to the original MK 1's


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