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I just got home from Nvidia/EVGA's launch party for the GTX 275 Co-op PhysX.

Discussion in 'Video Cards & Monitors' started by seamer, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. seamer

    seamer Member

    Aug 19, 2001
    san jose, california
    I just got home from Nvidia/EVGA's launch party for the GTX 275 Co-op PhysX. The event was invite only, and 300 people were invited in total.

    There were 20 PC's setup with Batman: Arkham Asylum using true 3D glasses for everyone to play on. Lots of goodies were given throughout the night, along with various models of current video cards and engineering reference boards back to the 9800 series. A small competition was held for those people who played Arkham, and some impressive scored were achieved. As usual for an event like this, lots of pizza was provided!

    Performance of the GTX 275 Co-op PhysX itself was smoother than a baby's bum. Even in max resolution with maxxed out settings in true 3D mode, the card drove Arkham flawlessly. You could tell that there was a lot more headroom left in the capacity of the card. The card and its 3D effects were also demonstrated in a mini theatre. We all got to use real 3D glasses to watch the demo, and the effects were crazy. Destructible objects were blown up (naturally) and the scene paused. The camera then panned around as directed by the audience. Each piece of debris in the air was individually drawn in real time, and the other objects were truly in 3D. My wife who isn't much of a PC fan was happily amazed at the scenes shown to us. A driving video shot in Germany was shown in 3D as well; parts of the video were so realistic you wanted to dodge the oncoming objects, and people in my audience were seen to be shifting their heads to see if it changed perspective. The best part of the video came when the camera was behind the steering wheel of a race car viewing out onto the road - the steering wheel appeared to be a physical object you could reach out and touch, moving independantly of the view in the background.

    Nvidia/EVGA didn't give out any specifics of the card as it was announced to the world during the event. Given the performance of what we saw, details weren't needed!

    Not much of a journo...If I had been smart I would have taken a camera and kept notes about everything.

    If you know of any launch parties in and around San Francisco, hit me up and I'll try to get there just to get an Aussie presence in :)

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