Impaired Vision Magnifier (Repurposed!)

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    I really need to stop buying random stuff off Facebook... Anyway thought I would share these units, managed to get 3 different skews for $80. 2 x Black and white (one with LCD, one with CRT). One is full colour but the resolution sucks so I put that one aside. I have toyed with picking these up from time to time for a while but wondered how useful they actually are.

    Now you can judge for yourself! I would say this specific unit is definitely useful when sitting back from the screen a bit but could certainly do with a higher resolution and colour (newer model?). Surprisingly the lens assy is made in Japan and colour capable apparently so there may be a way to hack them to full colour but nothing stands out immediately...

    What I do like is it fits neatly on my tool bench and can be used for electronics repair or tool inspection. The table moves in X/Y for panning and has some sort of infrared reflective LED for edge illumination

    vision1.jpg vision2.jpg vision3.jpg vision4.jpg vision5.jpg

    vision6.jpg vision7.jpg vision8.jpg
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    That's pretty sweet, good purchase.
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