Inputs / outputs / sinking on CNC components.

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    Jul 26, 2001
    I'm working on a small cnc lathe retrofit.

    I picked up a gecko 320x cheap years ago, as well as a decent servo to use as the spindle.
    I have a 7i43 and 7i76 board from Mesanet.
    7i76 manual:
    g320x manual: REV-10 Manual Formatted.pdf

    My question relates to wiring the error/reset on the g320x to the 7i76. The g320x err/rst pin requires 5v on it to enable the g320x (sinking input). If the g320x faults, it makes this pin 0v. The 7i76 senses +v on an input (sinking input). I use 12v field power. From my understanding:
    Connect 12v to 7i76 input. (Use the inverted pin logic as fault signal, i.e. the fault signal will be triggered when pulled low).
    Resistor between the 7i76 input and the g320x to lower voltage from 12v to 5v.

    My question: Do I need a resistor between 12v and 7i76 input (a "pull up" resistor) and thus I'm actually building a voltage divider? I figure this will be needed to stop a short to ground when the g320x faults and pulls pin to 0v?

    Unfortunately the G320X manual is not well written:
    "This terminal functions as an ERROR output and as a RESET input. Because this terminal functions as both an input and an output, some detailed description is necessary.
    When first testing the G320X, ERR/RES (Terminal 5) was connected to ENC+ (term. 7). It can be left that way if it is not necessary to read the state of the ERROR output. Otherwise, the following details are important.
    The ERROR output is latched in the “ERROR” state (Terminal 5 = “0”) by the power-on reset circuitry in the G320X. It will stay in this state indefinitely until it is cleared by applying +5V to this terminal for at least 1 second.
    The voltage on this terminal is +5VDC when the G320X is functioning normally. The voltage on this terminal goes to 0VDC
    whenever the FAULT indicator is lit. This output can be used to signal your controller that an error has occurred.
    Normally when the G320X is first powered up, it will be necessary to push the momentary switch to START for 1 second. This will clear the power-on reset condition and extinguish the FAULT LED. The motor will then be enabled and the drive will begin to operate. If at any time after that a condition occurs that causes the G320X to “FAULT out”, such as not being able to complete a step command, the ERR/RES terminal will go to “0”, signaling to the controller an error has occurred. This will require the operator to correct the problem that caused the FAULT and then push the switch to “START” for 1 second to re-enable the G320X.
    At anytime the operator can push the switch to the “STOP” position to immediately halt the G320X drive. Anytime the G320X is in the “FAULT” state (FAULT LED lit), all switching action stops, the motor freewheels and is unpowered"

    Any help is appreciated.

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