Install windows through PXE

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  1. Swathe

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    Mar 23, 2007
    Today I decided to give FOG a whirl, installed it on ubuntu server 12.04. All I can say is I'm pretty impressed so far. It took longer to install ubuntu server than it took to get fog up and running and left work with it uploading an image from a windows 7 workstation. Tomorrow I'll see how pushing the image out goes. Being able to put storage nodes in remote locations holding the image is great too so because of how widespread our organization is I'll be able to easily deploy images remotely with no fuss.
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    Jun 8, 2011
    WDS is free. It's part of WAIK (Windows Automated Install Kit) if I remember correctly. It does however require Windows Server 2003 as a minimum. WDS allows you to set a boot image and install image (boot.wim and install.wim) from you Windows 7 DVD.

    There's also MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) which allows you to automate your windows deployments to a degree. It's technically an LTI (lite touch install aka some interaction but not much). But there isn't much you can't automate using it.

    Starting with WDS is a good idea but I think it might require a domain.

    There are some open source alternatives that don't require domains.

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