iPhoto and External Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Apple Desktop Hardware/Software' started by almghty, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. almghty

    almghty Member

    Jun 28, 2001
    Well I thought it might be a good idea to move my huge collection of photos to an external hard drive and make that my default library.

    I have an external drive connected up via the AEBS. It offers a sharepoint on which I placed my iPhoto library.

    Made it my default library and everything is pretty good so far :)

    The external hard drive is in a Nextstar green? (case).
    This case powers down when it thinks its not in use.

    Theres only ONE small issue. When I try to startup iPhoto should the drive already be 'sleeping'. It cannot locate the default library making me 'search' for it which wakens the drive and then its good.

    Is there a way around it?
  2. xcalibur

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    Sep 12, 2002
    Taringa, Brisbane
    apples seem to have issues mounting drives on airport extremes. it's not as automatic as i would like. u might try going into and trying to open the drive first.

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