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linux and bluetooth keyboard on iMac 2013

Discussion in 'Other Operating Systems' started by everybodies, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. everybodies

    everybodies Member

    Oct 2, 2017
    it's time to see where Linux is up to :)

    so i'm having a go with Linux to see how things are going there. i've used Debian, kubuntu and suse in the past but could use some help on an iMac.

    i've got a 64GB SDXC card in the imac but it appears that Suse or kubuntu doesn't see that disk during installation so that kinda sucks, but ok.
    so before re-sizing the imac SSD i installed Suse in an external dock 1TB SSHD thinking i'll do some tests before doing a real SSD install. it suprised me that the apple bluetooth keyboard worked during install but after installation it doesnt work and fails to pair (even after taking batteries out which puts it in pairing mode).
    so this is as far as i got. when the external dock is powered on Grub takes over and boots to Suse which is ok for now, but is there a way to get bluetooth keyboard working in grub menu? when i install linux on internal ssd later will need some control to boot OSX.

    im planning to do a Debian and kubuntu install on the same external disk. really want to avoid another usb keyboard just for linux.

    any help would be appreciated :)
  2. teej

    teej Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    I might be talking past you here, but the only Apple BT keyboard with batteries I'm familiar with goes into pairing mode when you press and hold the power button. Is that what you tried?

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