Looking for wildlife artist to help design board game box.

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    Jan 13, 2002
    Hey guys and gals.. I am re-launching a board game that my family and I created whilst living in Zimbabwe in the 80's and i'm looking for a wildlife artist to help create the box art and also "freshen up" some aspects of the game internals.

    The game is called "Save The Rhino" and some proceeds from the game will go to the "Australian Rhino Project".. a group who are in the process of bringing rhinos from Africa to Australia to establish a well protected breeding colony.

    The game was first published in Zimbabwe in the late 80's and we manufactured 5000 copies which sold throughout Southern Africa with proceeds going to help local rhino conservation groups.

    We are confident that the game will be a real success as the plight of the rhino is constantly getting media attention and the game is also fun to play!

    So if you would like to help out or have some thoughts, just drop me a line here..

    I guess I could turn this into a sort of competition here on OCAU where the winner gets a copy of the game and credits on the box and also credited in any print and TV media?

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