Mass testing of old gear - ISA cards

Discussion in 'Retro & Arcade' started by Sciby, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Sciby

    Sciby How long have you had these droids?

    Jun 26, 2001
    OCAU, Australia
    Hi guys,

    This is something I've been mulling over of how to accomplish, but my brain is aging so better to outsource my problem to you guys.

    So being a hoarder, I have collected quite a bit of... stuff... and at the moment, I've got about 50 ISA cards (easily half are network cards, go figure), but testing each and every one by installing it, finding the right drivers, rah rah rah, seems long winded. I've considered Windows 7 since it's pretty good with automatically providing drivers, but the systems I've got with ISA slots won't be up to Win7's needs.

    So... this is my pickle: how do I mass-test a pile of old cards without wasting time and effort having to track and trace every single driver? Would a flavour of Linux be appropriate here? I'm not familiar enough with Linux's ability to cope with changing hardware to really make a judgement call on that.

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