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  1. sgtraven

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    Sep 10, 2004
    Vic, Glenroy

    last week my partner and i had the idea to go to Meatmaiden on their opening night.
    Having been to Meatmother many times to enjoy their amazing short rib i was looking forward to trying out their Sister restaurant

    A little about Meatmaiden

    Head Chef: Justin Wise
    Cookers: Silvercreek Offset, Myron Mixon Vulcan, combi oven
    Meats: Ranger Valley Beef Brisket, Gipsland Beef short rib, home made Hot links, O'connor Porterhouse/iron steak, Sher F2 Ribeye
    Location: Basement, 195 Little Collins Street Melbourne (look for the sign in black/white)


    The first thing you notice when walking down the industrial stairs is the extravagant copper work scattered around the place that ties into the blacks/wooden finish of the place. A dimly lit eatery with coves/booths and beautifully finished decor. There is a buzz in the place from the many servers/chefs/bartenders all working their stations. The first thing that catches your eye (at least mine) is the hanging meat cabinet. On display are some very fine cuts of Wagyu along with drying brisket ready for the next days service.

    The Staff

    Being that the opening was not a HUGE event and being the keen BBQ'er i am the first thing i did was sus out who is who with the staff.
    Some questions were posed to the friendly waitress about whether she is nervous (yes was the answer) but i was met with polite conversation of how the Staff and then media nights went and how exciting it was. As a note, none of the Meatmother staff came across to Meatmaiden.
    Justin introduced himself and we had a quick chat about his bbq's and meats just before my date (wife arrived) I was easily transferred from the bar (with my tab) to a seat without hassle.

    The Menu

    Well, i was there for meat and had to try the bbq "staples" of Beef brisket and shortrib which their big brother did so well. We also ordered the Link and some Lobster Mac/Cheese.
    Other items on the menu that stood out (and i will be trying next time) were the Lamb ribs and pulled pork as well as the highly recommended Chicken ribs with tequila mayo.

    The Food

    Everything was Presented beautifully on the plate and the Table had 3 garnishes/sauces to choose from. (sorry if i get these wrong) A BBQ sauce, Chilli Sauce (fermented Habanero chilli, it was HOT but beautiful) and a small container of seeded Mustard.
    The sauces were themed in glass bottles just the right size to fit into the container which was an army bottle canteen mug.
    The food was requested to come out "whenever ready" and it all arrived roughly the same time

    Beef Ribs - These were the standout of the night. they were smoked beautifully and were firm enough to have a bite but soft enough to melt in your mouth. each of the ribs were pre-cut along the rib so that portions were designed to share (much like the other items on the menu)

    Brisket - The brisket was amazingly moist and much like traditional texas brisket it was lightly rubbed and the point was left on the flat.

    Lobster Mac & Cheese - This dish just didn’t hit its mark unfortunately. Whether the béchamel was cooked too long or not long enough or the cheese was just not bitey enough the dish was floury. The lobster seemed to be just a garnish on top instead of a theme throughout the dish.

    Link - The link sausages are made at Meatmother and cooked for 1.5 hours on smoke. Unfortunately I felt like they were too heavily smoked and took away from the taste of the meat inside. From what ti could taste there were great flavours and the skin had a great POP. With a little less smoke or denser grind to prevent smoke penetration these could be a winner.


    Not many restaurants get everything 100% on their first night, and Meatmaiden is no exception however they DEFINATELY have their main dishes down pat with very little I think they need to improve on.
    Justin Wise was an extremely welcoming guy with a wealth of knowledge (his background at the point and rockpool) and while he has a limited American smoking background he described his views beautifully with a statement along the lines of "you don’t need to be a Pitmaster to cook great BBQ but instead should rely on your skills as a chef". From what I tasted I think he is spot on.

    Unfortunately i only had my phone to take some pictures so instead I will borrow from urbanspoon

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  2. supasaiyan

    supasaiyan Member

    Nov 17, 2006
    is it just me, or is bbq NOT meant to look that nice?!
  3. OP

    sgtraven Member

    Sep 10, 2004
    Vic, Glenroy
    Lol True :)
  4. doug81

    doug81 Member

    Jul 18, 2005
    Santiago, Chile
    I was there on Friday for lunch last week - can attest to the awesomeness :thumbup:

    And when I thought it couldn't get any better, they serve beef jerky as an entree and it's fucking fantastic!

    Big fan of the brisket (loved it at meatmother too) and the icecream sundae was pretty nice to finish with!

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