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(MELB) Australian Mist cat for adoption

Discussion in 'Pets & Animals' started by piglet1, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. piglet1

    piglet1 Member

    Apr 26, 2012
    Melbourne 3141
    Mods, please let me know or delete if not allowed.

    I have picked up an Australian Mist cat late last night as it was being sold on Gumtree & apparently also advertised on Facebook for adoption as the owner moved interstate, leaving him behind :(. I was made aware of the Gumtree post and the poor cat was THIS CLOSE (!!!) in being surrendered to RSPCA . So i offered to pick him up from the owner's mate's home and the cat is now with me rather than at the pound. Not sure how i ended up in this tricky situation LOL! Someone from the mist community trialed the cat with theirs last week (advert on Facebook), but their cat was being territorial and he was eventually returned. I think that's how he ended up on Gumtree.

    Anyway, the cat is a 9 year old desexed male, microchipped (<details removed>) and comes with no paperwork. In fact, he comes with nothing when i picked him up... not even bedding or collar. The mist community is trying to find a forever home for him as well. I thought i might post it here as well if there are interested parties interested in providing a forever home for him. I am unable to care for him long as i live in a small apartment & work long hours / weekend. I repeat, small rental apartment :thumbdn:

    He needs human companion, would suit family/kids best. He is very smooooochy, slept on me (i am very grumpy now due to the lack of sleep). Not sure how he would react to other cats, but was told he had a cat companion previously. Will post photos tonight when i'm home.

    Please let me know if any of you would kindly take him in. I'm in Melbourne.

    Update : Long term foster home organised :)
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