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    Guys, one of my sons just told me that his pc experiences very small internet disconnections, we have 4 computers around the lounge room (each family member) and often a dropout will affect everyone but he says he will often get disconnected from a game when the other pc's dont. Could this be just an NIC issue? How would you isolate that and I guess adding an extra NIC will fix it right? Its a compact build so adding an NIC wont be that easy or I would chuck one in and test it.

    So what do you guys suggest to diagnose this intermittent and very brief issue?

    Any help would be great.

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    do a little process of elimination, try a other Nic first, have you got a spare USB to Nic adaptor?

    Or swap workstation location with another one in the lounge and see if the problem moves around with the PC, or stays at that location.

    Try another port on the router as well.

    Obviously try one thing at a time.

    Checked power save settings on the Nic (Windows device manger properties for the Nic)? Disable all power saving.

    Update the driver' if there is a new version?

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