Monday Mediterrainian Madness

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    It's Monday, I'm sitting in traffic and I think.. "Mm.. I want something delicious for dinner".

    And this is where this recipe came from.

    Well, a series of recipes, ideally.


    Because pasta can take a while to cook, I made some snacks.

    * Haloumi
    * Green Olives
    * Pita Bread
    * Dips:
    * Hummus (or chickpeas)
    * tzatziki (or cucumber, greek yogart)

    Slice haloumi thinly, and lightly fry in a hot pan. Sear until liquid from cheese packaging evaporates, and then some. You want something slightly brown. Flip and repeat. Place on platter.

    For the olives, place on platter. Add toothpicks

    For the pita bread, break apart and place in a bowl. If feeling adventurous, take contents of bowl, put onto oven tray, and bake at 180c for a few minutes until cripsy.

    For the dips, it depends on your choice of carefactor. For me, I used packaged hummus, and made my own tazatziki

    * 200g greek yogart
    * 1 lebanese cucumber, partially peeled, grated.
    * squeeze lemon
    * smidge garlic, to taste

    Combine and place on platter.



    BurningFeetMan cooked this one, but he said I could write it up, because he's awesome.

    This one is a little bit more complex than the snacks platter, but still simple enough for a Monday night.

    * 1 clove garlic *
    * 2 roma tomatoes
    * fresh basil and oregano
    * 1 sachet tomato paste
    * 2 tsp greek yogurt *
    * pine nuts, toasted
    * 1 tsp olive oil
    * olives *

    *I stole a smidge of garlic from the pasta for the tzaziki, and stole a bit of olive and yogart from the dips.

    Add olive oil and garlic and colour lightly. Then add tomatoes, and simmer til reduced.

    Stir in oregano, pine nuts and olives, and reduce further. Stir through yogurt, and basil, and serve with pasta of your choice.

    We chose ravioli.



    prepackaged strudel and icecream shutup.

    And that is how you have an awesome greek/italian monday night dinner.

    The end.

    And that's my story.



    Wow, it's been nearly a year since my last recipe... hi guys :D
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