New case, water cooler, and HDD problem

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by akashra, Jul 16, 2019.

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    So over the next few weeks - next time 3700Xs have another eBay deal going - I plan to make the switch from my current i7-6700 to a 3700X - probably with an X570 and 16GB of new 3200 DDR4.

    However my current set-up is a bit odd - it's something like 4x SATA SSDs (250, 250, 500, 500 I think?), 1x 500GB 660p NVMe SSD, and 1x 3.5" 3TB - the SATA SSDs are in a 5.25" hot-swappable front panel.
    I suspect I might replace the two smaller SATA SSDs with one of the new 1TB AData m.2 SSDs.

    I'm not currently using a water-cooler, but if I'm buying this stuff I might as well do it right - unfortunately it looks like I can't see where a watercooler/radiator would mount in my current Antec One Eleven - and similarly it looks like most modern cases completely do away with 5.25" bays.

    For the most part only really high-end boards currently ever have >2 m.2 slots - one option I'm considering is buying an ASUS 4x m.2 adapter - that does away with any future issues of potentially buying a motherboard that has less m.2 slots than I have available.

    What suggestions do people have for this kind of set-up overall, and parts I should look to buy or replace?
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    just get an even larger ssd.

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