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Discussion in 'PC Build Logs' started by atomsapple, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Jun 15, 2017
    First time poster here. Thought I would start off by sharing my recent gaming PC build.

    CPU: Intel i7-7700K
    Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IX Hero
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 Gaming 4GB
    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-3600C16D-16GVK 16GB Kit (8Gx2) DDR4 3600 Desktop RAM
    PSU: Coolermaster GM Series RS750-AMAAB1 750Watt 80 Bronze Semi-Modular Power Supply Unit
    Case: DeepCool DP-CCATX-TSRBKBL Tesseract SW Black USB3.0 Mid Tower Case without PSU
    SSD:Sandisk Ultra II SDSSDHII-240G-Q25
    Fans: 3 X Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Blue on Chassis, 2 Deep Cool Stock Fans
    CPU Cooler:Thermaltake CL-P022-AL12BU-A Riing Silent 12 Blue Multi-Socket Universal CPU Cooler

    I have 2 of the thermaltake fans on intake. One being on the front and one of the side of the case positioned just on or below the GPU. The other thermaltake fan is on exhaust in line with the CPU cooler. The 2 stock fans that came with my case are on the top. I ran PRIME 95 and got a peak temperature of 85, while averaging just over 70 at 100% load on my cpu over 10 minutes. While gaming, my CPU reaches 68, same with my GPU.

    I've got my ram to run at 3200 MHZ. I'm not touching my cpu overclock settings until I get a Noctua fan cooler or a Corsair AIO.

    Any recommendations on my build both hardware and software related would be really appreciated. Or if anyone has a similar build to me, I'd be happy to help out with any questions in regards to the troubleshooting I had to do putting this PC together.

    I'm on the hunt for a GTX 1080 at the moment, and looking to pick one up next week. Obviously upgrading my CPU cooling unit as well. The deepcool case isn't the best. The materials feel cheap/flimsy, and I'm finding it hard to achieve a good static pressure I'm happy with. I'm going to try and pick up a Phanteks case or a Corsair Crystal.


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