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Discussion in 'HTPC' started by Shinanigans, Jun 14, 2017.

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    I linked this above earlier...

    This will add CEC to any pc with HDMI output...
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    I believe you will only get ATMOS, DTS:X and DTS:HD and later formats if you utilise the right dedicated video card. In my case I use an Nvidia card to bitstream the content to my ATMOS receiver. Intel onboard video wouldn't work - so keep that in mind if you consider a NUC. They are not future proof.
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    I did see this, thanks :)

    So, bit of an update, I ended up going with Plex for now as the app is available on my TV so its all working with the remote and seems to be just about what I was after regarding UI/UX. Absolute bonus that it also has "channel" subscriptions which allows me to get content from a bunch of other outlets.

    Bought a 4TB WD Blue drive which I did a GPT on and have Movies, TV and Music folders in the root and have spent the last ~14 hours dumping content onto it :lol:

    Due to the now-much-hated Dell case that my HTPC resides in, I had no way of mounting a second hard drive because you need their special bracket which I don't have and the PSU cables give you about 2" of legroom to mount it somewhere funny. I ended up having to pop a 2.5" laptop 250GB drive I had lying around for the OS drive to ensure the 4TB was only serving media (it was also a bitch to partition, started off with MBR, then it would only let me partition 2GB, etc, etc, figured it out eventually!).

    Also bought a Chromecast for the second TV which is a bit older and doesn't really have much "Smart" about it. Still yet to set it up but it apparently does Plex all out of the box, so that was another reason for going with Plex for now.

    Only thing I miss is that Kodi has the ability to automatically get content that I want (I assume, I haven't gone into much about the Kodi capabilities/setup yet). But I'm happy manually feeding it media for now.

    Thanks to everyone for the ideas/info! Next step will be another 4TB drive and a NAS. Apparently I can install Plex directly onto most NAS boxes so that could be my all-in-one solution later on down the track :thumbup:
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    Which nvidia video card? (Assuming 4k too)
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    You dont know what you are talking about.

    Any i3 model NUC and above connected via HDMI or DP will bitstream those audio formats no problems. I know because ive tried it with a 2nd gen i3, 4th gen i3 and 5th gen i3 and i know for a fact the 6th gen does as well.

    The 7th gen is the only NUC however that can do HDCP 2.2 which means its HDR compliant for UHD.
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    It can be noted over here that from i3 4th gen:

    OP if you get bored and really want to get your head around HTPC:

    Lot's of detail from highly experienced people.
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    Though I would add my knowledge in the area.

    Q1: Does the dedicated GPU come into play at all when it comes to streaming movies or is it all handled by the CPU?
    Server needs to be powerful if decoding is done on server before sending out over network, also network speed is crucial. client ends do not have to do much thus don't need to be . GPU is not relevant for streaming.

    Q2: I have a 4K TV but I don't play any 4K content yet, everything is either 1080 or 720P. If 4K support does factor in at a later date, will this hardware be enough to stream it?
    4K hardware appears to be quite pricey atm. But you can buy if u rich. I would not bother for now unles u wanna spend loads of ca$h

    Q3: Is there any major reason to run Kodi via Linux instead of Windows? I don't know Linux, so I'd prefer to stick with Windows if there's no major downside.
    only reason I can see is seeing the many windows boot logo's to go with the bios screen etc. If you have windows u need to install a lot of programs to get rid of this, however you are still left with a windows logo in the end. The other reason is 64-bit support but Kodi is changing this in its next version. Personally, I also hate keyboard & mouse clutter near the TV, which means I don't use other windows features i.e. internet browser etc. So opt for a quicker install, for this LibreElec is the best option. IF however, you use addons like Plexus (acestream & sopcast) the older OpenElec (7.0.1) builds will run this addon seemlessly. This addon is best installed from the Adryan repo.

    Q4: My friends Kodi setup is all wired. How well does Kodi handle content via WiFi? Anything to consider here with regards to WiFi?
    Kodi handles content perfect. You do need a good network router however. That would be the main concern. Most ISP wifi routers are below optimal & made for $1 in china. an ASUS or Netgear AC1900 would be bare minimum requirement IMO. Don't worry about the wifi adapters in other machines. I have wireless-n random crap adapters which are rock solid and stream perfect with these routers. I would however use 1 gigabit cable from HTPC server to to router, this will ensure packets are going out to clients at their quickest possible transmission speed. Often your lounge htpc is close to your NBN point anyway so this is easy.

    Q5: How can I control Kodi through my TV remote? My TV is a year-old Samsung 4K unit. I've been reading stuff about a CEC HDMI adapter to "inject" signals via HDMI, but also read about AnyNet+ ?

    Wouldn't bother , get yourself some HP MCE infrared receivers 5188-1667. These work out of box with all MCE remotes (all) OpenElec, LibreELec, Windows, however need a bit of modding in Ubuntu apt installs. These Receivers will also bring your PC out of suspend and straight into kodi via a remote 'power on/off' button press. They are extremely powerful units and work from multiple angles and from large distances.
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