Nostalgia - What you started out with and what you have now.

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by kona_boy, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. kona_boy

    kona_boy Member

    Apr 21, 2004
    BC, Canada
    I was looking at some video card coolers and looked at the models supported by one particular cooler and went "hey I used to have one of those" and I started thinking back to my first video card and first machine.

    When I first started tinkering with PC's it was on my family's old P1 133mhz. Could hardly run Word and IE. This was back in 2000ish and I was still in primary school.

    Come early high school we needed an upgrade obviously and picked up a Celeron 1.7ghz with onboard everything. It had no AGP slot so 'invested' in a 32mb TNT2 PCI card. This was to get DoD (still my favourite FPS) runnning at a playable frame rate.

    A year after that I saved up enough to buy my mates old Duron set up. I finally had my own computer. A 1ghz Duron with 256mb DDR266 RAM and a 32mb Geforce2 MX. I eventually picked up another 512mb worth of ram and a mate gave me his old Geforce 4MX when he upgraded to the heralded 9600XT.

    I couldn't afford much for my PC during school because the little money I earned went into my mountain biking :lol:

    When I picked up some more cash come senior years at high school I got my first 'decent' set up. I got a 2.6ghz Celeron D, one of those bad boy overclockers. Piece by piece I slapped together bandaid upgrades and ended up with a Water cooled Celeron D sitting on 3.8ghz with an AGP 6800GS.

    The Celeron D was eventually replaced with a Pentium D930 which I still have. I moved to PCIe and got a 6600GT, then upgraded to a Passive 7600GT during my noiseless phase :D

    She died last year so I lashed out on a 4850 and 22in LCD (still have my faithful 17in which I'm typing this on).

    So here we are with my current rig. Moved away from all the bling of crazy kiddie mods, instead opting for more passive and neater alternatives.

    How about you? My history doesn't stretch back to Commodore 64s and Windows 3.1 as I'm only 20 years old, but I have about 10 years of Nostalgia under my belt :p

    I have money set aside for one last upgrade to this machine when I return from NZ, finally gonna bring her up to speed with a Core2 and a nice chunk of dual channel ram (and mobo to accomodate it all).
  2. VenomX-87

    VenomX-87 Member

    Oct 8, 2008
    I went from an Amstrad CPC 464 to a Intel 486DX with 8MB ram then a Intel P100 with 92MB(I think) of ram.
    Then i had to upgrade the CPU to a Cyrix MII 250MHz w/12MB voodoo2 PCI assisting the 4MB onboard video(so i could play QuakeII).
    Then the first system i brough myself was a AMD K6-II 550MHz w/512MB of ram a 4MB S3 4xAGP.
    After getting my first job at 16 I got myself a AMD XP2600+, A7V8X-X, 1GB(2x512MB)DDR333, ATi 9200 128MB, soon upgraded to a Sapphire 256MB 9600XT, 2GB(2x1GB)333MHz and a TT Pollo cooler with the 2600+ clocked @ 2.6GHz and i had that till i turned 20 and i got my current rig.
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  3. RezQ

    RezQ Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    Being only 17, I haven't got quite a career (lol) either.
    Started on my dads hand me down Pentium 3 666MHZ with no graphics card and about 256MB RAM and a 20GB HD (OH GOD).
    Later, a friend gave me his 6600GT AGP card, which still left me with low frame rates on CS: Source.
    When I turned 13, dad got me a new pc, 1GB RAM, 300GB HDD and a 8600GT which dommed my old pc.
    When mum and dad split up (LOL JACKPOT $$$) mum spent a shitload on my current PC - Antec900, 4GB 1066 Corsair, 700W PSU, Gigabyte EP35-DS3, 8800GT Gainward Bliss 1GB, E8400 @ Stock 3GHZ.
    And today I'm ordering my next upgrade - DangerDen Torture Rack, Core i7 920, 6GB OCZ DDR3 @ 1333, Asus Rampage Extreme II, Enermax 850W Modular, V8 CPU Cooler, XFX GTX275 896MB XXX
  4. Damn_Good

    Damn_Good Member

    Jun 1, 2005
    The family PC I had when I was 4 had a turbo button and dos shell, That's all I ever knew about it.

    We got an osborne 486 when I was about 6 and it ran 3.1 off a 300mb HDD and even had an OEM Osborne menu system that was far superior to windows.

    Then when I was 12 I talked the olds into a P3 667 with 256mb ramm, a 17"CRT and an 8x cd burner, 20gb hdd which was nearly three thousand dollars all up. it had some AGP 8X speed no name graffix card. Having the first cd burner any one had ever seen made me the leetest kid on the block. This was the rig that got me into tinkering and pulling computers apart and fixing them. I also did some modding with it before I even knew about modding.

    For graduation/getting into uni I got an AMD 1.6 ghz with a gig of pre ddr1 a dvd burner, x9600 video card and 120gb hdd. was one of the cheepest rigs available with a dvd burner at the time, so now I was the leetest kid on the uni block. This computer ended up with 4x 200gb IDE hdds sharing things on the local uni network making me the biggest sharer there by a decent slog. Learnt the term 'E-peen' because of it.

    I joined OCAU

    Then came my first system build from scratch. AMD4200+, ASUS A8nsli Premium Mobo, 7800gt extreme, 2gb ddr1, dual 17" LCDs (back when they were worth a bit!) 2x 74gb raptors, 4x 400gb storage drives, thermalright xp120. This system was rock solid and lasted a full three years, as opposed to it's predecessor that didn't even make a single year, but hey I had just done my first stint in the mines and had enough money to splash. This rig was then relegated to HTPC until I worked out how to network my xbox360 which is when it was decommissioned and sold to a mate out of pity for his ageing P4 system for $200.

    Which brings me to my current rig, a humble core2 6850 on asus mobo cooled by gemini 2 air cooler, 4gb of corsair xms2 ddr2, raptors replaced by a single 120gb WD, 4x1tb storage drives, 8800gt, corsair hx620. This was a waste of money and I regret paying for the upgrade from my old rig which coped perfectly well with what I wanted it for. But again, all cashed up and bored, and this system has been problematic enough to continue my hobby single handedly for the past 18 months.

    I won't upgrade for the foreseeable future. (unless I can't play diablo 3 and starcraft 2 on what I have, that is.)
  5. MrSmoke

    MrSmoke Member

    May 22, 2008
    NSW, Blue Mtns NizzleBiX
    my 1st pc was a amd 2000+, onboard video (sis something) and a 40gb hdd :)

    this was in ~2002 or something like that and i was angry cause i bought rise of nations and max payne 2 and i couldnt play them because i didnt have texture light and shading or something (in 2003). It was a hand me down.

    then i got a new pc in ~2003 so i could play rise of nations and stuff. 2.8GHz p4 478, FX5200
    then in ~2005 i got a new pc again
    P4 3.0GHz 775, 6600GT (PCI WOOO), 200gb hdd, 1gb ram, antec super lanboy

    then in 2008 in july i got my current bad boy :)
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  6. tek_01

    tek_01 Member

    Dec 4, 2005
    SW Sydney
    had a 486 dx66 as my first running dos and 3.1
  7. OP

    kona_boy Member

    Apr 21, 2004
    BC, Canada
    Oh wow my FX5200, I forgot I had that briefly. Another mate got a real video card while i was still on my GF4, so I chucked in the 5200. Only had it for a few months.
  8. SpudBoy

    SpudBoy Member

    Jul 30, 2001
    Under the Bed.
    first pc i owned was a 486DX2-66 with 16mb ram, 1mb cirrus logic VLBUS video, Creative SB16-ASP, Adaptec VLBUS SCSi, 1gb SCSi hdd, 2x 'caddy' SCSi CDROM, 17" CRT (that could do 1600x1200.. awesome at the time).
    overclocked it to 120ish and lasted my up to me obtaining a 200MMX with 64mb ram, 6.4gb hdd, 4mb Diamond stealth 3d-II (gawd that was a PoS).
    this only lasted a little while, and i got a new PII-350 (which i overclocked to 525 right away) that had 256mb PC150 SDRAM, Creative PCI-64, 80gb hdd and initially an intel i740 video card... which was the first card in our LAN group to support GLQuake (i still remember them crowding around).. this card was replaced with a tnt2-ultra.
    next pc was an amd (my first AMD) tbird 1.3ghz 512mb ram.. gforce2ultra.
    then got an athlonXP 2100 and a gf4mx440 (the gf2u died =[ ).. this shortly after got a power surge and fried mobo.
    replacement was an a64-3800+ using an nvidia 6600GT.
    now THIS pc unfortunately had a particular ASUS mobo that had a fault in the chipset fan.. it ran at 9600rpm and burnt out in a week... waited SIX FKN MONTHS for a replacement.. by the time the pc was outdated and i never liked it..
    that was the LAST amd i had...
    next off... my core duo (pre-core2) laptop with an nvidia 7600GT.. this lasted me about 2.5 years, until i got my current pc which is in my sig. =P
  9. AussieTemplar

    AussieTemplar Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    Eastern Suburbs Sydney
    First family computer was 1994/1995 era. I was only a baby (toddler) so I didn't know much but I received my first computer in 1999 and that was a 300mhz celery with 16mb of ram and windows 98.

    IIRC, my first custom build (and second computer) was 2002 or so and that consisted of an AMD 2000+ 1.6ghz + 512mb ram and MX440. Along the way I upgraded to a 9600XT as the MX440 died.

    2004 came and I built my next custom computer. I would of been 11. ATI X850pro, AMD 3800+ SINGLE CORE (cost $550 back then and a month later dual core of the same model came out for $300), Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra939 mobo, 1GB ram and my first 17" LCD monitor coming from a 15" CRT.

    My first major upgrade and high end upgrade was 2007. Q6600, P35, 4GB ram, ATI 2900XT, POWER SUPPLY THAT DIDN'T COME WITH A CASE! I'm still running the same "shell" of a system. I've still got my Q6600, 4GB ram, power supply. I've since upgrade GPU to 4870x2, mobo to P45..

    Hopefully next major build will be early next year. Next gen vid cards and CPU's.
  10. Supersize

    Supersize Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    Gold Coast QLD
    First thing I owned was a C64 with a Tape Drive and Floppy.

    But first PC was a No named brand 386SX/33mhz with 10MB hard Drive and 512kb ram and a 5 1/4 Floppy Drive. Running MS-Dos 5.

    Bought it new for $3000

    Been through a few PC's since then,
    But now Running a E8400@4Ghz 2TB's storage running Vista Ultimate 64.

    How times change..
  11. )(arg0n

    )(arg0n Member

    Sep 24, 2006
    first - parents pc: 486 dx66 running dos and windows 3.1

    my first built: 2003, AMD Athlon 1800+, epox 8k3a, 256mb ram, 20gb hdd, generic case keyboard and mouse

    2005: built rig in sig, but it was originally a AMD Athlon 3200+ and a 6600gt instead of the current cpu/vid. Offcourse, lots of storage has been added over time :).
  12. stenchlord

    stenchlord Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    Sydney, NSW
    Got sick of going to internet cafes and friends places when I wanted to play a few games online or type something up, post etc etc.

    Bought myself an A64 X2 3800+, ASUS A8N5X, 2GB DDR400 XMS RAM, 512MB 7900GT, Western Digital 250GB SATA HDD, Pioneer 111DBK, Antec P180, Antec Phantom 500W and got my game on.

    Now sport an E8400@4.27GHz, Rampage Formula X48, 4GB Dominator 1066MHz, Pioneer 216D, 3.5TB storage, 1GB HD4870, FT01 & HX-850 (soon) and pretty lights.

  13. 426 Hemi

    426 Hemi Member

    Jan 18, 2006
    Showing some age here but we got a TRS-80 back in 1980.
  14. mazmorbid

    mazmorbid (Banned or Deleted)

    May 3, 2007
    Brisbane 4114
    My first computer was a SEGA SC3000H, then a Commodore 64, had a break after those 2 then came a 486 running Windows 98SE (which I still have in the garage) skip all the rest and now I have what's in my sig as you can see ...
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  15. mazmorbid

    mazmorbid (Banned or Deleted)

    May 3, 2007
    Brisbane 4114
    Yep you certainly are !! I can remember them, my cousin had one, I think they were sold by TANDY?
  16. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    Belgrave Heights, VIC
    Parents purchased an Amstrad 464 when I was ~11

    Parents purchased an Amstrad 1286 when I was ~14. It was meant for 'homework', cost $1,999 and played games (Leisure Suit Larry, Xenon2, Death Track) instead.

    First PC purchased myself was when I was ~18 - Cyrix 100+, some hard drive + soundcard (SB (non pro)). Eventually upgraded to a creativecdrom which came with a SB16.

    This PC was continually upgraded over the years until it was a P1 200Mhz (MMX) with 20mb ram & nearly a gig worth of storage space (over about 3 x hard drives) - nearly forgot, 3dfx1.

    I went without a pc for a fwe years after I moved out of home, purchased a second hand 800Mhz duron & continually upgraded. (P4, Amd xp3800, amd dual core)

    Eventually ended up a Q6600, 4870 + a few terrabytes of storage space. (and enough spare to give my 6 x year old his own amd dual core & nearly enough parts left over for a network storage server)
  17. aussie64

    aussie64 Member

    Jan 28, 2008
    Atari 2600, C64 and a Commodore PC-10 CGA graphics :sick:
    Most used now is Eee PC 900A, Dual core lappy with 8400M GS and the main box is a Q6600 with a 4870 which is being upgraded to a GTX295 and a SSD drive.
  18. Pipster

    Pipster Member

    Sep 23, 2008
    My vast history started up with a commador 64, which my dad had saved from the golden years, as he called them. That thing was pure awesome, had this one game called jetpack man or something along those lines, was so hard, had to get ur little man around till you found the jetpack and then jetpack through the caves. I was never very good at this, but still i was like 7, and it was awesome. Around that time, we bought a power mac. Omg, this thing was insane could paint, and do all those sorta things...... Also IT WAS COLOUR OMG! So after a few years of animaniacks on that bad boy, we upgraded to one of the colour imac's (purple to be exact, dam mum i wanted green or red). We had one with a dvd player, woah was i the best kid in school. It then occurred to me that we didnt have any dvds so it became a little useless.... After a few years, we decided to bump that bad boy up to OSX, which was a little extreme for that computer. Didnt work so well, was slow and painful but we kept it running. That was about 2005 if my memory serves me correctly (give or take a year or two) Then my family got our fist PC. It was insain, 3g just for a 17' lcd 2.66ghz P4 (478) some rubbish gfx card that i wasnt to fond of. I then got a 5200something for a few weeks, that bent (yes bent) and fried the hdd and morbo, somehow, that mixed with a surge. Upgraded ended up with the same core, 512mb rams, 7600GT (ah yeah!) and a 160gig hdd. That was one hell of a rig for a few months. Then decided that we wanted a new computer (again) and ended up getting a HP thing, with a E6600, 1 gig of 667 ramz and yet another 7600gt. (whats with HP and 7600gts?) and a 320gig. Got sick of that and ended up getting my current rig (its sweet) and now i upgrade that a little everynow and then..... Thats about it......
  19. urin8

    urin8 Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    Dick smith system 80 (1979)
    commodore 64
    commodore 128
    ibm 286 (spent a lot of money on 5 and 10mb hard drives)
    386 yea doom
    486-DX4 with 16mb of ram
    socket 7
    Cyrix pr300 based system with a tnt vid card
    K6-2 450
    K6-3 450 (this was a great cpu) tnt2 32mb card "wow"
    socket A
    athlon 2000 9800XT
    athlon 2500 X800gto
    athlon 3000 7300gt
    athlon 5000 x2 7600gt
    phenom x3 8650 still have a 7900gt
  20. SLATYE


    Nov 11, 2002
    First PC in family: Amstrad 128K, complete with 3" disk drive (not 3.5") and a ~4-colour monitor.

    First proper PC for me: 486DX2-66 with 8MB RAM and a 420MB HDD, running Windows 95. Bought at a garage sale for ~$40.

    First PC that I built for myself: dual Celeron 366, Abit BP6, 128MB RAM, 40GB Seagate 5400RPM HDD, and a TNT2 M64.

    Now I'm in the process of building my new PC, which will be a Phenom II X4 920 (currently running stress tests), 8GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, and probably a pair of 9600GSOs (I'm debating whether to use one or two).

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