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OCAU Iron Cook Off Entries - November

Discussion in 'Geek Food' started by `X', Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. `X'

    `X' Member

    Oct 5, 2003
    Brisvegas BABY!
    OCAU Iron Cook Off Rules

    Recipes must best “express the unique qualities of the theme ingredient”. Entries must not be previous posts from the forums. Your entry does not have to be unique HOWEVER you must give credit where credit is due i.e. This was inspired by <insert name here>’s recipe. Entries must NOT be duplicates of recipes from cookbooks but they can be modified versions of recipes.

    Photos for the recipes do not have to be posted with each entry. However if you feel it is needed go right ahead however just because you don’t have a photo doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance at winning.

    All discussion of recipes must be made in the discussion thread. Only entries are to be posted in the entries thread. This allows easy access to the recipes for the competition and for the future.

    At the end of the month, OCAU members will be asked to compile their top 5 recipes and the 5 recipes with the most votes will go into a poll to determine the winner. The winner will become an OCAU Iron Chef and will also get to pick the theme for an upcoming month.

    *Rules Edit 1* - One entry per member (one recipe = one entry)

    This months theme has been decided on by our second winner Shalmanese. He has passed on the following information:

    They say the 100 pleats on a French Chefs toque represents the 100 different ways you can cook an egg. Lets see how many OCAU can think up.

    This months battle is:


    ladies and gentleman bring on the EGGS!

    This thread is for entries only!!!! Discussion can be made in the thread here
  2. Tankii

    Tankii Member

    Nov 22, 2004
    Melb, 3193
    </me does the egg dance> :p

    ok, this is one me and dade made up one night when mum and my sister wern't around, we didn't have much to eat...

    Potato, Egg, and Onion Casserole

    2-4 potatoes
    1-2 onion
    1-2 largish eggs
    about a cup of grated cheese (we find that a chedder / motz mix goes quite nicely. but whatever takes your fancy on this one :p)
    1/2 - 3/4 cup of milk.

    Slice the potatoes and onions finely. finely as in 2/3 mm thick,other wise it takes agggges to cook.

    in a baking / casserole / oven safe dish, put layers of potato, then onion, then cheese, rapeat untill you've used up all the potato and onion. you'll need to save some cheese. Beat the egg with the milk, and pour over the casserole, and top with the left over cheese :D

    Bake in a moderate oven (350-375 deg F.) for an hour. Depending on the depth vs width of your dish, you may have to bake for longer.

    you could, i also suppose, have some more veggies in there, we've just never tried :weirdo:

    enjoy this easy eggy dish.
  3. robbyfarley

    robbyfarley Member

    Feb 1, 2005
    I have an entry its called the

    Overclocked omlette:

    I know an omlette sounds a bit simple but this one is a bit differnt.
    This is for those who like food with a bite.

    You'll need:
    * 2 fresh eggs.
    * 1 small pinch of salt
    * 1 whole chopped red chilly. for bite and texture.
    * A sprig of chopped parsley for a bit of colour.
    * One chopped small Red onion.
    * and a very small amount of Tabasco Sauce. or if you want a lot, but that depends on your pain threshhold.

    And a big glass of milk to chase the overclocked omlette so that you don't burn your mouth.

    Mix all the ingrediants together (except the milk) in a bowl and poor the mixture into a hot frypan with a little butter or oil and cook till desired. It does not matter if the omlette falls apart it'll still knock you socks of.
    If you want you could add other ingredients to the omlette.

    And remember this omlette is very hot.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2005
  4. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Mudgee NSW 2850
    My entry is a variation on Scotch Eggs but with a bit of BITE. I called them the Hot Rollers.

    You'll need:
    A strong stomach

    * 6 Boiled Eggs.
    * 1 Raw Egg.
    * 500 - 600g of lean Beef Mince.
    * 1 pinch of salt.
    * 1 whole Red Chile.
    * Parsley.
    * 1 Red or White Onion. (Red is hotter)
    * Tabasco Sauce (Just a dash - More if you want them hotter).
    * Bread Crumbs

    Chop the Sprig of Parsley, the Chile and the Onion very finely.
    Mix all the ingredients (EXCEPT THE BOILED EGGS & BREAD CRUMBS) together in a bowl.
    The Raw egg will help hold the mince together.
    Wrap each of the Boiled Eggs in the Mince mixture with approximately 8 - 10mm thickness untill you have a meat ball with an egg in the middle.
    Roll the ball in the Bread crumbs.

    Cook in a deep fryer for approximately 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.

    Serve with vegetables of your choice or just eat as a snack when hungry.

    These are highly addictive and must be eaten with a large quantity of beverage available.

    You have been warned!!!

    Bon Appetite.
  5. stagfest

    stagfest Member

    Sep 27, 2004
    EGG BAKE!!

    Well I got sick and tire of plain old potato bake so i created this...


    4 x medium sized potatoes (any type will do).
    3 x pieces of middle bacon
    1 x onion
    1 x bunch of parsley
    1/4 block of butter
    1 x container of thickened cream
    4 x Eggs
    1 x Baking dish to put everything in
    1 x Grated cheese


    1. Put the potatoes in boiling water and salt until you can poke through them with a fork. Empty water and set aside.

    2. Cut the bacon and Onions into small pieces. Then pu thte bacon into a pan with the butter until colour changes. Whack the onions in, add pepper and cook until the onions are clear and not burnt. Set aside when done.

    3. Slice the potatoes into thin strips, like cards. Put the first layer into the baking tray. Followed by a layer of the onion and bacon and cream. So on and So on...Make sure you leave about 1 to 2 inches of room at the top of the tray.

    4. Now grab your eggs and beat them. Add the parsley and some seasoning. Also add some cream into there aswell! Pour this onto the top of the potatoes. Then sprinkle some cheese on top...mmmmmmmmmmmmm :D

    5. Oh crap you should have turned the oven on already!! :D about 180C for 10 mins or until the chesse is brownish.

    6. Make sure you let it rest when you take it out...then serve with some tomato sauce and bread or a big fat juicy steak!!! Oh and beer!! :lol:

    -Cheers Merv-
  6. OP

    `X' Member

    Oct 5, 2003
    Brisvegas BABY!
    thank you to all those that have entered, no more entries will be accepted as of now.

    Voting will commence shortly.
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