Oppo entering TV marketing

Discussion in 'Audio Visual' started by Zee, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. Zee

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Should be interesting, but I fear they are going to be just another "budget" option.

    Link to a bit of info

    Seems to also come with a pop up camera, further cementing its target market to me, but I live in hope that they'll release something in line with what their BD players used to be - ie - top tier quality at a "kinda expensive" price point, but still less than half the price of anything else of the same standard (which usually just re-badged the Oppo, anyway)...

  2. Hi-end Head

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    Jan 10, 2018
    This is interesting, to say the least, considering Oppo have withdrawn, all there electronic components, to rely on there Phone sales. Emotiva have also withdrawn selling here due mainly to low sale figures.

    The question should be asked, will it be a viable proposition, considering the high costs of Dealerships, etc. When you consider the very low buying population of Australia.. Most of the manufacturers and brands only sell there base models here. Just look at the plethora of cheap AVR and LED panels offered for sale. The market simply cant justify setting up dealerships for Integrated, Streamer, or high quality electronics, due manly to low sales or interest. It's not that long ago when a 42 inch flat panel TV cost was in excess 25k.

    Only time will tell if OPPO re-enters the TV panel market here, and IF they even bother with Australia as a viable proposition. Just look at the advertising for mobile phones, and OPPO is well below the main models offered for sale. Now look at India, where Oppo phones are the new normal
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  3. Frag

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    Feb 22, 2002
    I just bought a 65" Sony 900H as I wanted to have a HDMI 2.1 / VRR / 4K120 tv. Seems I should have waited just that bit longer to see what this was going to be like. Oh well =)

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