Paperless Office - What do you use/do?

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    Up until now I've always advocated the idea of going paperless and tried my best to do so, but simply haven't had the right tools at my disposal; as a result I've found myself falling by the wayside and allow my paper to build up - A traditional flatbed scanner simply isn't convenient enough to go paperless!

    I stumbled across this article last night which not only reignited my determination to get rid of all my paper, but instilled a degree of confidence that I could stay paperless.

    For me the biggest challenge is having to sit at my PC and scan everything in. Sometimes I just physically can't be bothered and other times I just mentally can't be bothered dealing with the software side of things (scanning, renaming, organizing). I just find the whole process so mundane and repetitive, so I often let my paper pile up with the idea that I will "eventually" just spend one day on the weekend doing everything in one hit; this day seldom comes. :p

    In light of this, I realize that what I really need in order to go paperless is a system where I can very easily just grab a sheet of paper and run it through a scanner, without having to mess about with any hardware/software.

    That being said - Finding out about this Doxie device is exciting news! The prospect of having a completely wireless device where I can just feed a piece of paper through and have it automatically go to my PC is very appealing.

    Before jumping the gun though, I figured it might be best to hear from others who have already gone paperless and see if there's better devices/solutions.

    So, for those of you who have already gone paperless - What do you use?

    So far I've come across:

    • Doxie - Currently my top choice, seems well priced and featured.
    • Fujitsu Scan Snap - Going to do a little reading on soon.
    • Neat Scanner - Bit pricey, it also looks to use it's own app which I'd like to try avoid. Dropbox/Evernote seem a better solution.
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    Feb 24, 2005
    One big thing for me is that I still need to be able to draw and scribble. I bought a bunch of whiteboard markers and tablet sized whiteboards from a "dollar store" for about $1.65 for a pack of five markers and $3.30 for each whiteboard and will probably never buy a paper notebook again. Handing colourful drawings around a table on the little whiteboards is just so damn handy.

    As for scanners, I don't use one. Very little volume in the first place so my phone camera or even my DSLR is fine. But I admit I've had my eye on the Doxie Go as well.
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    i worked at a suburban law firm where they had a toshiba photocopier
    was pretty easy to scan large files,
    just put it into the the ADF, press scan, file name, and then goes into the harddrive on the network.

    im sure alot of cheaper photocopiers would support this feature.

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