PC instability while gaming - GPU or PSU

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  1. Menzies

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Hi there,

    Have a bit of a weird one, newely built PC (second hand GPU & PSU) has been crashing constantly since the beginning of Feb (started with BSOD during Anthem closed demo weeked)

    8700k (de-lidded, stability no different at stock clocks or 5.2GHz)
    Strix Z370-F Gaming (latest BIOS, BIOS update didn't solve anything)
    970 Evo 1TB m.2 SSD
    Corsair AX760 (purchased 2013, custom sleeved cables)
    16gb 3200MHz Trident Z (no different at stock speeds or XMP profile)
    Inno 3D GTX 1080Ti (purchased second hand 2018)
    Custom loop, 600mm worth of rad's (CPU Peak mid 60's, GPU peak low/mid 40's)

    The first issue I ever had was when the PC was first built in Dec 2018, I experienced artefacting after the GPU drivers didn't install correctly, this was solved by re-installing the GPU driver and the system was rock solid until early Feb when I experienced constant BSOD's during the Anthem demo's. Removing my OC and XMP profile seemed to fix things.

    On the full release of Anthem the problems got worse, less BSODS's and more lock ups (black screen, audio looping) with no crash dumps or logs. The only thing I could do to get a few hours of gameplay was power limit the GPU with MSI Afterburner.

    PC was fine playing less intensive games like Apex and experienced no crashing whatsoever. Started playing The Division 2 and the frequency of crashes increased, power limiting GPU was again the only solution but it would still experience crashes. Checking Event Viewer I am getting Event 13 and Event 14 constantly (nvlddmkm cannot be found) and now even crashing in Apex every 2-3 games. Cannot find the nvlddmkm file anywhere so not sure if it is an issue with drivers or hardware.

    I've tried multiple versions of drivers (latest and ones that pre-date the crashes), disabled Windows from installing any default display drivers and a fresh install of Windows. Voltages in HWMonitor look good.

    I have the feeling that it is the GPU, I have spare GTX 780's but since my custom loop is hardline it is a pain to swap out GPU's for testing. I am yet to check the PSU cables with a multimeter as I don't think testing without load on the PSU is going to tell me anything.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I am hoping I am missing some simple fix and it isn't having to replace my GPU, don't mind replacing the PSU so much but I really don't think it is the PSU...

  2. JSmithDTV

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    Jun 13, 2018
    Algol, Perseus
    Have you tried a different PS?

  3. im late

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    Jan 5, 2012
    Canning Vale WA 6155
    I have seen this before......have you checked your pcie power connectors are firmly plugged in at both ends (gpu end and power supply end)?

    Such a simple thing sometimes overlooked....
  4. straiton

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    Feb 12, 2003
    most of the time, black screen and audio looping is GPU related IMO.
    Is it a full cover block on the ti ?
    As above, if poss. reseat all power cables.
    Is it possible to wiggle the gpu out slightly and reseat?

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