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    Dec 25, 2001
    3rd party app that allows me to use PHP\javascript to manipulate data in a form

    I have a grid that lets users add rows as required. Grid is called: MDQR_FollowupGrid and there date field within the grid is: datetime0000000001

    Now the 3rd party app uses @@ as a variable placeholder, i'm trying to set the PHP trigger to copy the date to a new variable as when I export it to PDF it is in UTC time, not local time.

    If it was a normal datetime field with ID @@MDQR_Date I would use
    $casedate = @@MDQR_Date;
    @@OUTcasedate = date("M j, Y", strtotime($casedate)); //LL format
    Then output the variable @@OUTcasedate to the PDF writer however not sure how to do it with a grid

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