Plot your retro hardware history timeline

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  1. Vanne

    Vanne Member

    Apr 20, 2003
    DXB.. mostly.
    in 1981 (christmas to be exact) me and my brother got an Atari 2600, with Space Invaders.. I can remember it like yesterday. My world changed that day, completely..

    1981 Atari 2600
    1984 Commodore 64 with datasette
    1988 bought a floppy drive
    1990 Amiga 500 with 1084(bought with my first real pay packet)
    1993 SNES
    1993 Sega GameGear with the TV thing(for watching F1/500CC etc at the races)
    1995 old 386 dx33
    1996 Cyrix 686 pr133 and Sigma Designs, Real Magic 64 (picked both of those up while in Hong Kong) and then bought parts in oz to build my real first PeeCee..

    2000 Dreamcast!
    2000 Voodoo3 2000 AGP , GUS sound card and amd K63 550 (while living in the US) as i id never seen UT before... I built it that same day, and played over lan a lot after that.
    2001 PSX
    2001 N64
    2001 Sgi Indi
    Moved back to Oz. (no job, sept 11)
    2002 PS2
    2002 Sgi Octane(1)
    2002 Built a new computer for NWN release .. Duron based as i had no cash Ati 9500 pro
    Moved to NT (job)
    2004 Gamecube
    2005 Various Apple G4's and ibooks
    2005 Sgi Indigo2
    2005 DFI lanparty based SLI GTX 7900 and held some pretty high benches there for a day or 5 lol. I was introduced to BF and later when it came out BF2142. I played the crap outa that.
    2008 in ADL, new computer , wolfdale 4400 based , with gainward 4870X2..
    2008 Wii
    2009 Apple MP 2.8 octa core.
    2009 Apple PM Quad gtx7800 (flashed)
    2010 in CHC Apple PM DC 2.3
    2010 Apple lampshade
    2011 moved to DXB still using the same wolfdale build i had in ADL
    2015 Apple MP 5,1 (main box still now)

    I am sure ive missed stuff along the way, but thats the general outline. The only things i sold were:
    Ati 9500 pro
    Apple Quad
    Apple 2.8 octa
    and the Atari got stolen from my X-GF's house in Dundass :(
    My brother thew out a lot of my gear a few years back, but that was mostly my c64/Ami game collection, Dual socket boards and my Sgi computers.

    anything after 2011 i kinda collected console/peecee wise here in DXB and isnt included in my list.
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  2. simontifik

    simontifik Member

    Jun 21, 2012
    Great thread, good to see plenty of Master System love! We always had PCs in the house from when I was young, my mum was a programmer back in the late 70s/early 80s. I don’t remember all of them and I didn’t take an interest in hardware until we’ll into my 20s. My list would be:

    286 PC
    Sega Master System II
    486 PC
    Nintendo Gameboy
    Early Pentium with a Riva TNT
    Nintendo 64
    Another family PC
    Gameboy Advance
    Nintendo Wii
    HP Envy Laptop - this got me back into PC gaming circa 2010.
    First PC I built myself i5 2500k and 7950 - this pc has been altered and updated, still going.
    Nintendo Wii U
    Nintendo Switch
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  3. BurningFeetMan

    BurningFeetMan Member

    Apr 22, 2003
    Veg City
    Would love to see a time-line website/cloud-service that encapsulates this thread. Would be cool to see a time line of how others have upgraded their old gear, skipped generations, held onto old hardware for so long, or upgraded in the blink of an eye...
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  4. robchap

    robchap Member

    Sep 27, 2017
    This is a pretty good 36 years worth of gaming/computing post:-

    ~1984 Sinclair ZX81 (with 16k RAM Pack yeah)
    1986 Asian Clone IBM PC XT
    ~1988 Sega Master System
    1990 Sega Mega Drive
    1990 Sinclair Spectrum +2
    1992 Super Nintendo
    1994 Amiga 600
    1995 Intel 486 - 4mb Ram, no soundcard, no CD-ROM
    1996 Intel Pentium P90, soundcard, CD-ROM upgrade to the 486, then later on a Voodoo 3dfx - I always preferred computer to consoles and this set me on course for the next 24 years of PC gaming
    1997 Amiga 1200 - my biggest regret is giving this away 2 years later because I had hardly touched it because of the PCs - I wish I'd kept it.
    1998 Intel Pentium 2 366, AWE64 soundcard, Ati All in Wonder graphics - the first PC I bought myself - I remember paying 200GBP to upgrade to a 17" Monitor - Later upgraded to a 3dfx Voodoo 2
    2000-03 Incremental upgrades through the AMD Athlons starting at the 800, then I think ending up at the 2800 in 03, paired with the Geforce 4 Ti4600, this was my main rig through to 2010
    2007 Dell Dual Core intel laptop for Uni - had a mobile Geforce in it, and I could play Doom 3 on it during lectures.
    2008 Nintendo Wii - First console that I'd touched for about 12 years.
    2010 Intel i5-760, 8Gb Ram, Geforce 460ti - Post grad treat. Incrementally upgraded through to dual AMD 6970s (for triple monitor goodness in 2013), an i5-4440 (2015) and Vega 64 (2016), and this year did an almost full rebuild to a Ryzen 3900XT
    2013 Playstation 3 for Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted
    2016 Raspberry pi 2 setup in arcade cabinet for retro games (since upgraded to a i5-4440 and GT1030 running hyperspin)
    2020 GPD XD plus handheld android console for retro games/emulators - was supposed to keep me occupied on flights to/from the UK this year, but that obviously never happened.

    Sprinkled in there are laptops, consoles, tablets, and nintendo DS's for the children/wife, but I don't see those as part of my hardware journey as there's no emotional connection/investment from me there.
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  5. hutts24

    hutts24 Member

    May 20, 2016
    Pentium MMX
    Playstation 1
    Celeron II
    Athlon Classic
    Athlon XP
    Pentium M
    Raspberry Pi
    Playstation 2
    Playstation 3
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  6. DonTryThis@Home

    DonTryThis@Home Member

    Aug 24, 2001
    Central QLD
    Apple IIe
    Atari 2600
    Olivetti XT
    Pentium 100 <- when i started buying my own stuff
    Celeron 300A
    Athlon 600
    AMD Phenom X3
    Then just boring laptops from there and switched to collecting consoles, retro and modern. The new ones would go :
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One

    I would have run enough 20c pieces through my local one to have purchased it a couple of times I reckon.
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  7. shaneb74

    shaneb74 Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    The memory is hazy but I'll give it a try;

    83 C64
    then started buying my own stuff with after school job
    91 Amiga 1000 (sold for a2000)
    91 Amiga 2000 (sold for 386)
    92 386SX25
    93 386DX40
    94 486DLC33
    95 486DX266
    97 Cyrix 686PR200
    98 Pent233MMX
    98 C64 (again)
    99 Celeron 450
    01 Duron 800
    03 Athlon XP2500
    07 E2180 dual core
    09 C2D T6400 (laptop)
    11 A2000 (again)
    11 A600
    14 Pent200MMX
    15 P100
    15 K6 350
    15 Dead C64 Breadbin
    16 Rpi and gear to put into breadbin case running c64 emulator and 2 arduinos for k/b & joystick ports.

    Give or take a year, then everything modern after that...
  8. Utetopia

    Utetopia Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    Some of it is a bit of a blur but here goes
    - NES with Turtles & SMB1/Duck Hunt
    - 486 PC w/ various DOS games
    - Original GB w/ Tetris plus a few more titles
    - Pentium 100 w/ 16MB RAM for Doom & others
    - SNES DK2
    - P2 333 64MB upgraded to Banshee & Vortex 1 & another 64MB
    - Duron 600 128MB w/ TNT2-A
    - Thunderbird 1200 256MB w/ GF2 GTS
    - AXP Tbred B 1700+ 512MB w/ 9500 Pro
    - AXP 2400+ 1GB NF7-S w/ 9700-> X800 Pro
    - A64 3000+ 2GB DFI NF4 w/ 4870-> 5870
    - E8500 4GB P5B Dlx w/ 5870-> 7970 -> R9 290
    - i5 3570K 8GB Z77-UD3H w/ R9 290 -> GTX 1080
    - R5 3600 AB350 8->16GB w/ GTX 1080
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  9. Vanne

    Vanne Member

    Apr 20, 2003
    DXB.. mostly.
    Wow, some really great equipment there guys. Love reading through it and reminiscing.. :)
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  10. Wozzernux

    Wozzernux Member

    Aug 3, 2006
    Perth, WA
    I've always been a patient gamer, behind the curve with gaming hardware and software. Growing up in my family we didn't have a lot of money for luxuries, and brand new prices were beyond our reach.

    Played tons of console games at friend's houses as a kid, Sega Master System, NES, SNES, then later PSX and PS2. It all stopped when I was bitten by the LAN bug and have strictly been a PC gamer since. I've missed a ton of good games that were console exclusives, and conveniently none of them run via emulators yet. Guess I'll just continue to be patient.

    1994/95 - Sega Mega Drive II, only owned a handful of games but played most of the library through video store rentals

    1996/97 - Sega Menacer light gun, arcade realism in your own lounge room!

    1998 - Sega 32X addon, picked up cheap from a Quokka paper ad. More video store rentals were had... Knuckles Chaotix was the standout title with the wacky tether mechanics

    1998 - Nintendo 64, only owned a few games but plenty more video store rentals

    1998 - first "family" PC. PII-266, Asus P2B board (fancy 440BX), 64MB RAM, 4GB HDD, S3 Virge GX2 AGP, Sound Blaster 16... 15" fishbowl CRT, 56k serial modem
    • Cost a solid $2k from a family friend who built PCs, looking back they were some decent hand picked parts for a "basic" PC. Came with a full copy of Destruction Derby 2 on the HDD, had hours of fun in that!
    1999 - TNT2 M64 upgrade for family PC, first proper 3D card yo! Half-Life, UT99, Quake 2, Soldier of Fortune were all amazing in hardware acceleration. Around this time we finally got to use that 56k modem with dial-up Internet, online gaming was limited but was still a blast, even with 500ms ping

    2003 - sold all my Sega and Nintendo stuff (and my BMX bike) to fund my first PC build: Athlon XP 2800+ Barton, cheap VIA KT600 board (on which SATA drivers never worked for me, both in Win98 and WinXP), 512MB DDR-266, massive 300gb Maxtor ATA133 HDD, Viewsonic 17" flat CRT.
    • Couldn't afford a GPU in the build so a mate lent me his spare Geforce 2 MX, a low end card but I could play BF1942 and Max Payne in full hardware T&L glory. Later upgraded to a Radeon 9600 Pro
    • I hated that VIA chipset board with shitty unstable drivers, but Nforce2 boards were far beyond my budget
    • Onboard sound was dogshit, Realtek AC97 was the bane of my existence. Picked up a 1st gen Audigy PCI card for $5 at the local Sunday swapmeet at some point
    2004 - driver's license and a shitty first car got me access to local LAN events, this was my turning point for multiplayer gaming

    2005 - Sony PSP. Brand new from a mate for a bargain $200 because "it fell off the back of a truck". Had some fun with it but was ultimately the last console I would ever buy/own

    2006 - first fulltime job and I spent big on a new PC: Opteron 175, Asus A8N32-SLI deluxe with true 16x SLI support, 2GB DDR-500 RAM, twin 7800GTX cards in SLI, Audigy 2 ZS, WD Raptor 36GB boot drive (holy shit this thing was fast and loud), 19" Viewsonic VX924 LCD, Logitech G15 keyboard + G5 mouse. Had the best PC amongst my mates until Intel's Core 2 & quad CPUs started trickling in

    2009 - another new PC build: Q9400, Asus P5Q deluxe, 8GB DDR2-1066, GTX275

    2011 - first SSD, an OCZ Agility 3 128GB

    2012 - new PC time again: 2500K, Asus Z77 board, 16GB DDR3-1600, GTX580

    Anything newer breaks the 10 year retro rule recommended by elvis himself!
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