Problems with P3V4X

Discussion in 'Other CPUs and chipsets' started by mutantaxe, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. mutantaxe

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    Have also posted this in another forum here. Problem is that when you turn the power at the wall the green light on the computer starts , fan on the processor is running and a green light on the mobo is also on but that is beeps or anything else happens. Video card, processor and power supply all check out ok.............any ideas ??

    btw....the power switch on the computer wont turn the computer off and the reset switch wont work either. Would shorting out the Bios help and how would you do this ??
  2. Addict4

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    Jun 26, 2001
    Check your manual out how to clear the CMOS I would not think that shorting the Bios is a advisable course of action.In case you missed it I answered you in the other forum.

    Clean slocket contacts.agp,ram manual settings for cpu,reseat the CPU and so on.
  3. Bort

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    Jun 27, 2001
    The power can be turned off by holding the power switch in for about 4 seconds. As for no beeps...apologies if this has been checked already, but is the PC case speaker plugged in to the motherboard (near where the power & HDD LEDs plug in, going by memory)?

    It should be at least able to give you error beeps then.
  4. johnnyriCo

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    Jun 27, 2001
    Perth, WA

    I recently had the (almost) exact same problem.

    When booting up however I get a Long beep, and then another long beep, however this beep is a higher tone. These continue on forever in a loop. I looked in the motherboard manual and it says that long beep in a continuous loop indicate no DRAM installed....

    Which is strange cause this problem happened for no apparent reason, just booted up and this happened....

    STRANGE problem.

    (Please note this didnt happen first. What happened first was the PC locked when going into win2k, the locked in BIOS for SCSI card, then this happened (the beeping) and wouldn't boot NO MATTER what I did (cleared bios, changed to jumper instead of jumperless, moved ram around in all different slots... etc.)

    I then got tired and went to bed.
    Turned PC on in the morning and it worked FINE!...
    THE ONLY CHANGE I MADE WAS... that the PC was plugged into 10mbps LAN with another PC ON the hub...
    In the morning the other PC was off, so my PC was only one in the hub....

    THEN! I burnt some CD's and all was working fine.

    Come the afternoon, I turn on other PC (Its a gateway for the net) and PC Locks again during boot into win2k.
    I then unplug it from the LAN and it boots into win2k. I then plug it back into the lan and get onto net. Runs for about 10 mins, then hard locks.

    It then wont reset, and now when i turn it on it gives the long beep errors again!!!!.
    i unplugged network card, same
    I removed network card from motherboard (P3V4X) and still wont boot.
    And now HERE I am.
    Im gonna see if it'll boot in 10-15 mins...

    ANY IDEAS???????????

    The only change i made between it working fine and this wierd problem was... Swapping from 10/100 switch to 10m hub..!

    I have an Accton net card (10/100) and it uses an MPX chipset (wierd)
    If anyone has any ideas PLEASE share...
  5. Alpha

    Alpha Member

    Jun 28, 2001
    I also had the exact same problem happen after I installed the SMC NIC that Telstra provide for ADSL (Wasn't going to let the tech touch my PC).

    After he left I decided to plug the Wake on Lan cable into my mobo. It workrd fine for a couple of days and then the problem happened - green light on, fans on but no action.

    I nearly tore my hair out trying everything from swapping PSUs', swapping memory...everything. Then I thought what the heck and pulled the WOL cable out and straight away the green mobo light went out. I cycled the power and havent had a problem since. (except I had to take it out coz I cancelled my ADSL):mad:

    Do you have WOL connected?
  6. johnnyriCo

    johnnyriCo New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    Perth, WA

    Well I fixed my problem.
    seems the mobo was apparently shorting out on the screw nearest the AGP slot (I just came back from a lan so maybe it got bumped around)...
    I undid screw and jiggled it around.
    screwed it back up and works fine..

    WIERD :(

    but shes working sweet now :)

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