PSP downgrade from 3.40 oe-a.

Discussion in 'Retro & Arcade' started by Vanne, May 15, 2019.

  1. Vanne

    Vanne Member

    Apr 20, 2003
    So, after reading the thread about hand held gaming I decided to dig out my 2 release date PSP's and see if they still work.

    To my suprise they both did, one already running the 6.60 firmware and my own one running the 3.40 oe-a firmware from years and years ago.

    Looking at what was feasable to install, looks like everyone is running the Pro CFW. Which I might add is pretty darn simple to install.. if your on OE firmware.. mine wasn't. :(

    Took me nearly 2 days to figure out how to roll back to the 1.5 OE firmware. Not that I wanted to be on the 1.5, but you can't really roll forwards without having to install a lot if other crap.

    Pretty much all the threads about 3.40oe-a are about 9 years old and all the links are of course broken..

    Bloody hell..

    Anyways, I found a recovery pack luckily after hours and hours of searching. And worked a treat, after some other magic gate fiasco with a mini SD card adaptor..

    But hey, here we are now on 6.60 with Pro CFW installed.

    Pretty awesome..

    And it will save me wreaking my old UMD's. Pretty much a plus plus. :)
    Now what can I actually do with it?


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  2. 303-Acid

    303-Acid Member

    Jun 29, 2001
    Beaumaris, Vic
    Ha, I got mine out too, charged it, fired up a game, put it back in the drawer. Lol. Probably should just sell it. I got mine on release when I was in Canada, it was a great device and still is. Shame the vita didn't take off.
  3. mR_CaESaR

    mR_CaESaR Member

    Mar 10, 2002
    Plumpton NSW 2761
    I grabbed my original PSP out too during the "mini NES/SNES" days.... I pretty much just put NES and SNES games on it... I actually haven't tried putting MAME on it, but I would imagine it'd be relatively easy and will work like a breeze.
  4. flain

    flain Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    ScummVM works perfectly on PSP. The PSP package is on their website

    I recommend making sure you have the games with full talkie sound, some of the versions of the games floating around don't have the voice tracks. My kids played through day of the tentacle on PSP years ago :)
  5. th3_hawk

    th3_hawk Member

    Jun 4, 2005
    [VIC] Eastern Suburbs
    You can load PS1 games (THPS and Crash Bandicoot FTW ;) ), although with only two shoulder buttons some games just don't play right. I got mine as a grey import (OG PSP-1000) before they were released in Australia which means I also got the 'better' screen, or so it was said back in the day.

    I took it out recently and played it for a bit. I still love lumines and the Burnout games before they went all open world. I consider emulators every now and then, but usually give up on them pretty quick... I like the idea more than the reality of old games which often should just live in your happy memories instead of your now expectations.
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  6. WuZMoT

    WuZMoT Member

    Feb 2, 2002
    I had a PSP-1000 I think, the original design anyway. I loved making PS1 eboots, control limitations aside that screen is great for PS1 games. Sony's own emulator too so particularly good performance considering the age of the system and that it is portable.

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