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Discussion in 'Memory' started by Crispy81, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Crispy81

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    Feb 17, 2011

    Got me a new ASUS Strix-E gaming mobo and an Intel i7 8700k processor. I need to get RAM for it, but not sure on something here..

    The QVL says "G.SKILL F4-4000C18Q-32GTZSW 8GB", but what I actually want to get is G.SKILL F4-4000C19D-32GTZKK 32GB (2X 16G) PC4-32000 DDR4 4000 MHZ.

    Does this mean:

    1. ASUS hasn't tested it and it may work?
    2. ASUS has tested it and doesn't work - so don't use it?
    3. Wait for BIOS update to support it and get added to the QVL list?

    Reckon I'd be ok buying it and using it, even though it's not on the QVL??

    Cheers for the input.
  2. fredhoon

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    Jun 27, 2003
    1. & yes - as long as the newer model RAM has the same Vdimm for the 4000 XMP and standard JDEC profiles you should have no problems. Worst case is a bit of stuffing around getting to hit it's XMP speed and latency if the Auto timing don't train properly, that said the ASUS forums have good info and guides on how to tweak timing and OC RAM.

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