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Rad choices for TJ08-e with 2011 socket

Discussion in 'Extreme and Water Cooling' started by Avo4Dayz, May 23, 2017.

  1. Avo4Dayz

    Avo4Dayz Member

    Apr 23, 2017
    I've gotten this case as an upgrade for my gaming build and considering cooling options to OC a 2011 socket with. I've been researching different radiators and AIOs that fit inside but still a little confused which way to go.

    There's a 180mm fan intake on the front where I could mount an EK WE 180 rad or a Phobya 200mm. Alternatively I know I could fit a 120x2 rad also (with a bracket).

    Inspiration for the 180/200mm:

    The plan was to be lazy and use a 240mm AIO and retro fit it. So the 180mm intake fan would be used for push and use 2x120 for pull. The 240 would cover 2/3rds of the 180mm case fan.

    I have also considered a simple CPU custom loop using a 180/200mm as above, but am unsure if I would consistently be bothered to keep up the maintenance on the loop, especially when I travel a lot. But I could reason this if the 180 rad would significantly outperform a 240 AIO, 1-2C is negligible for my uses.

    Sure I could air cool, but just enjoy playing around also.

    Opinions on rad performance? I know this has a lot to do with fans, so that's where I get lost... Rad/Fan considerations.
  2. havabeer

    havabeer Member

    Dec 12, 2010
    the 180 rad does have a bee's dick more surface area then the 240, but you are right there probably is only 1-2 degree's between them if that.

    i like the idea of the large 180 rad just because its a bit different and looks cool, the one large fan wont need to spin as fast so shouldn't be as noisy either. also there's not real maintenance on a custom look. just fill it up, bleed it and add a biocide/corrosion inhibitor, if you use car coolant you'll never have to change the coolant ever, maybe top it up every year or so.
  3. BigDave

    BigDave Member

    Nov 12, 2007

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