Realtek ALC662 vs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital (Dell OEM, SB0220)

Discussion in 'PC Audio' started by kripz, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Which should i use for my HTPC? This is all old stuff i know, will any of this help when playing bluray rips? Ill be using 10 year old 5.1 speakers:tongue:
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    The question is:

    What type of speakers will you be using?

    What do you mean by Bluray rip? (ripped to alternate format Divx etc where encoding of video and audio take place, in this event depending on conversion process audio/video can be converter to low bitrate and affect quality)

    Do you intend to get the Dolby TrueHD or DTS master audio signal?
    The only way to get a Dolby TrueHD signal or DTS Master Audio signal is to route your sound card via HDMI to a receiver that can decode the signals or if your sound card can decode the sound formats, I can answer confidently "No" you will not get these signals as you do not have HDMI outputs on your sound cards nor do these sound cards decode the signals.

    If for pure sound quality I would suggest you try both of your options (Sound cards) in the environment you will be watching your films and you will decide yourself.

    The Realtek may look to be better specification wise however the Soundblaster Live! in my opinion sounds better especially if you use the KX Mixer (linked on the SB Live! Wikipage) which gives you instructions to reroute your rear channel DAC (digital to analogue converter) to your front speakers, the reason for this is that the rear channels on the SB Live! use a higher quality Philips DAC then the front. I can confirm I have tried this compared to a Realtek based onboard solution a while back and had better results with the SB Live!
    Things to consider: I'm not sure if the KX driver works on any other OS other then Windows XP as it was a long time ago I had my PC setup in this configuration (years) :Paranoid:

    Good luck.

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