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    Welcome to the OCAU Retro & Arcade subforums! Heaps of information here about old gear - computers, consoles, arcades, displays and all sorts of other retro hardware.

    We stick to one general rule that anything here is 10 years old (or older).

    We've got lots of FAQs here to help you get into understanding, collecting and using old stuff. Check some of them out here:

    Retro Let's Play:
    Every 2 weeks we play an old game. Find out more here:

    And if you want to write one, nominate yourself and your game here:

    What game is this?
    Trying to remember that cool old game from your childhood? Ask here:

    Display hardware:
    * Retro display solutions (monitors, TVs, CRTs, flatscreens, upscaling)

    * Retro FAQ: Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom (aka NES)
    * Retro FAQ: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom (aka SNES)

    * Retro FAQ: Sega Master System / Mark III / SG-1000 / SC-3000
    * Retro FAQ: Sega Megadrive / Sega Genesis

    * Retro FAQ: Sony PlayStation (aka PSone, PS1 or PSX)
    * Retro FAQ: Sony PlayStation 2 (aka PS2)

    Arcade / computer / console / multi emulation:
    * Retro FAQ: MAME
    * MiSTer FPGA discussion thread

    Want to contribute an article? Click here and let us know!
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