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    Dec 20, 2003

    I am trying to setup Win2012 R2 RRAS VPN server up with public IPv4 + IPv6 for all people that VPN in. People that connect to the server should be able to visit both ipv6 & ipv4 sites.

    So far what I have done is

    - Set NIC with IPv4 + IPv6 addresses

    Under Routing & Remote Access
    - Enabled IPv4 router & IPv6 router + LAN and demand dial router
    - Enabled IPv4 + IPv6 Remote access server
    - Enabled IPv4 Forwarding and a static address pool of -
    - Enabled IPv6 Forwarding + Default Route Advertisment
    - IPv6 Prefix = 2601:db8:: (not sure if this one is right)
    - Added NIC under IPv4 NAT

    When testing I can connect fine. Within RRAS I can see I get assigned an IPv6 and IPv4 address, but when visiting test-ipv6.com I get a score of 0/10. If I visit this site on the server itself I get a 10/10.
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