Saphire R9 Fury Nitro and Trixx Ocing

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    I recently swapped my GTX 980 for a Saphire R9 Nitro due to my old 1080P screen dying on me and upgrading to an Acer Freesync gaming monitor. There really isn't much performance difference between the 2 cards I just wanted the Freesync support.

    Just one issue that I'm having is that if I use Saphires own Trixx overclocking software that came with the card, the card just drops performance even if i dont over clock anything just having the Trixx software running with no OC set kills the performance. For example Overwatch drops from average 90-100fps down to 10fps.

    The strange thing is if I use MSI afterburner I can overclokc the GPU fine I can get about another 120-150MHz out of it and there is no performance hit in fact I get a slight FPS boost.

    I'm using the latest version of Trixx and latest AMD drivers. I have also tried older drivers as well.

    Only reason I want to get Trixx to work is Trixx allows the memory and GPU to be OCed, while afterburner can only OC the gpu. I tried trixx first but when it wouldn't work I tried afterburner.

    Also if I do overclock with Trixx both memory and GPU speeds they are applied and picked up by GPU Z and 3D mark. 3D mark barley runs if Trixx is running, if I close Trixx software the card still gives poor performance I have to reboot PC and it will be back to normal.

    I'm running Windows 10 1803 currently.

    Its just so strange that the saphire's own software kills the card and MSI's works fine. At the moment I'm using afterburner with a 120MHz OC.
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