Scam emails using peoples personal details from PayPal

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  1. qwertylesh

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    Aug 21, 2007
    Im wondering if this is isolated to my account, but for the past two months ive gotten at least 3 spam emails per week all dodgey russian scam emails about weiner improvement :Paranoid: products and shit :thumbdn:

    I never used to get these but I dont think that its related to the data leak which affected the rest of you, but am wondering if any of you are getting these really horrid and poorly written scam/spam emails too
  2. OP

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    Oct 25, 2007
    4 hours ago 2 unauthorised transactions happened in my paypal account. (I have been asleep since last night, its 7:30am now)

    9 mins later paypal limited my account. I'm now trying to access my account and see if I can stop the transaction.

    Change your passwords and everything else people! seems like the scammers are taking action!

    This is the first time i've ever had a problem with any finance.

    UPDATE: stupid paypal limited my account so much i cant change my password it just keeps coming up with change password crap and so i cant open a dispute.

    UPDATE2: I called PayPal and spoke to a person who took the limit off. Once I logged back in I saw that the transaction and fees had been reversed.
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