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Discussion in 'PC Audio' started by synic, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Aug 4, 2007
    I've got three pairs of Sennheiser's.

    HD555 (modded to HD595)

    All three pairs need new earpads.

    I don't care about the 'tonal signature' of each pair of headphones. I've got enough earphones that the 'individual tonal signature of each is not as important as it used to be. I just want new pads; as in a nice upgraded feel to them.

    I'm looking for a definite Off Ear seating situation, so the pads I'm looking for will need to be 'fuller' than the stock Sennheiser replacements. With my pair of HD600's my ears touch the fabric of the speaker membrane which is a little annoying. I have a pair of ATH-AD900's and a pair of ATH-AG1's with very thick (ebay yumcha replacement pads) which I love because they really lift the phone up off the ear.

    I'd prefer pleather or something nicer than the velour the HD600 and the HD555's came with.

    Suggestions appreciated. Criticism welcomed. But if you have concrete recommendations can you please please please, provide a link so I can compare the pads. I need new pads on each pair of headphones and, ideally, the HD600 and the HD555's can use the same pads (ie: buy two sets.)
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    Jan 27, 2014
    There are no off the shelf earpads that will fit into the HD600’s clip on baffle without seriously modifying the headphone itself or franken modding it. I know this because I tried and exhausted out of options 5 years ago and had custom leather ones made which cost me a third of the then going price of a new 600.

    You either can source new pads or get custom ones made. The earpads from the HD580, 580 Jubilee, 600, 650 and the 6xx are all interchangeable with each other. The sound is also seriously affected if the pads go flat or half flat.

    Only the HM5 pads get close to the originals shape, but you’d need to slightly modify it to fit and secure into and onto the existing Sennheiser baffle.
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