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Discussion in 'Portable & Small Form Factor' started by to4garret, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Hey all,

    Looking into a future build to replace an aging 2600k and im thinking of something much smaller than the current full tower setup i've been using.

    I remember years ago, perhaps around 2004 that Shuttle and their XPC's were the go to as far as small form factor desktops were concerned. but a quick search here doesnt net many results.

    Something like this one, on paper sounds quite good.

    Is there something wrong with them or are there some better options now for a SFF desktop?

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    nYou can ITX in a similar size these days with a $50 Silverstone SG13
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    Mar 13, 2013
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    There are so many, so much better, and cheaper, options than a Shuttle these days. The problem with Shuttles has traditionally been that they tend to be unique. They've had models with the IO and PCI reversed for instance, which meant the motherboard would never fit another case, and the case would never fit a different motherboard. I'm not sure the Shuttle you've suggested is using a standard ATX PSU looking at the photos either. The heat pipe cooler doesn't look like it would take a huge load either.

    You'd be better of searching some of the better computer sites, choosing a case you like, and building a new system yourself in that, IMO and the opinion of I would guess the overwhelming majority of people on this site.

    Of course you'll have to examine what you actually want your new machine to be before you can decide what case is suitable.
    If you're not comfortable with doing it yourself, all of the better computer shops will build it for you for an extra 50 bucks (?) or so if you are buying all the components from them.
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