Sony Vaio vgn-ar49g Laptop issues :S

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting Help' started by willy_manilly, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    I have a sony sony vgn-ar49g laptop which i have had for about a year, today i turned it on and the screen had lines through it that moved up the screen, i was playing around with the video drivers the night before. Anyway now the computer does not boot at all, won't even boot in safemode.

    The lines are still there when the computer is turning on, not sure if i could have blown the 8600M GT video card.

    I have put in the Windows 7 CD and booted from it. However during the first half of the installation it pops up with a message saying ' can't find cd optical drive driver' ( Blu-Ray drive ) and the installation can't continue until i put in a CD which contains that driver, however i don't have any CD's with this laptop and i don't know what the models the drive as when i search the laptop model on the internet, it basically doesn't exist.

    This is a confusing one, how do i find out what model the drive is and where do i get the drivers for it?

    Is it possible to boot sony vaio recovery or something like that?

    Cheers in Advance.
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    Sounds like a few issues here. The lines that moved up the screen sound like a hardware fault with either the screen itself of the graphics card (a separate 8600GT mobile chipset?), or else the motherboard could be at fault there too (unlikely but possible). You were "playing around with the video drivers" last night though, so if you've forced non-standard drivers onto the system, that might account for the screen glitchiness. If however you've put on approved drivers for your hardware, this is *probably* a co-incidence... ...probably. Hrm.

    You then said "now the computer doesn't boot at all", but then you go on to imply it does boot- at least into BIOS and to boot drive detection, as you are getting part way through a Windows 7 CD boot? Is this sounding about right? If so, you meant Windows isn't booting, but the computer is still at least POSTing. Getting hardware issues from a CD driver (for which even the old standard optical drivers will work for most drives) also suggests you may be experiencing a hardware probem. You shouldn't need to download custom drivers for almost any CD or DVD drive out there, unless it does something special or different - and even then, the CD and DVD reading functions should just work out of the box with vanilla Windows drivers.

    So now you're left with chasing laptop troubleshooting. I'd go from square one - reset the BIOS, see if it boots. Run memtest, see how far you get. Try booting into Knoppix/Ubuntu/etc - something that doesn't touch your HDD. Post back with your results of how far you got, what stops working, etc. With unrelated issues of graphical glitches and DVD issues, my first suspicion would rest on the common major 'component' in your system - the motherboard - although being so complicated a 'component', further testing is required to suss this thing out further.

    Hope that's enough to get you started! Good luck :)

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