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    Jul 19, 2003
    Hey All,

    I'll be heading over to the other side of the southern hemisphere in a bit over a month for roughly two. I'll arrive in Brazil, then bounce countries mostly backpacking between hostels. At this stage I'm planning to visit (Brazil), Peru, Bolivia, Colombia (maybe), Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

    In that order of preference and likely time priority. I've scoured Atlas Obscura and know about the 'typical' locations to check out, but if you know of any lesser known MUST SEE, I'm keen to hear it.

    I'v been around a fair bit, through some rougher parts in SE Asia etc and never had any problems though I'm a bit nervous this time around especially after reading through the Smart Traveller advice for each country.

    So after some tips or positive feedback to put my mind at ease please :D (I would love to visit Colombia).

    Just me and another guy, plainly dressed and light travellers (carry on only), insured, vaccinated :Pirate: +med kits (inc prophylaxis and misc antibiotics).


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    Feb 16, 2006
    I recently went through Mexico/Cuba, Central America and South America over 5 months. Didn't have any issues in terms of safety. Only times to be more aware are after dark, so don't carry more than the cash you need that night.

    Colombia is a cool place, I went to Cartagena and Medellin. There is a great Free Walking Tour in Medellin which gives you a great idea of how the city/country have changed.

    If you're spending a bit of time there, I'd definitely recommend learning some Spanish. I went to Spanish school in Guatemala for 2 weeks and it helped a lot.

    Most of the time I spent in South America was in Peru. There's lots to do there and prices are reasonable.

    If you haven't been to Mexico before, try and go for at least a month. The food is insanely good and there's lots to see and do.

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