SSD SMART & RAID Boot problems

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    Dec 13, 2005
    I've just had the delightful experience of installing a 120 GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. Which works fine once the PC has completed the boot process

    The problem is that PC fails to cold boot correctly. During the boot sequence the SATA identification list proceeds through disk 0 to disk 4 OK. When it gets to disk 5 (the OCZ SSD) an error message "SMART Command Failed" is thrown. The PC continues with the boot process and later comes up with a message claiming "Boot manager not found" and giving a couple of options including and booting from in a system disk.

    HOWEVER hitting <Enter> causes a reboot - with the same error message -and the PC then successfully boots right through and loads Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OK. So I have a working machine at this point.

    BUT when I do a hot restart (from the start blob hitting "restart" from the shutdown menu) the boot sequence message is "Drive controlled by RAID" and the boot sequence proceeds right through OK.

    After doing numerous searches, the following checks have been made:
    1. SSD has the latest firmware (1.28),
    2. latest board drivers (GA-P35C-DS3R (rev. 2.1)),
    3. latest Gigabyte and Intel RAID drivers, and
    3. enabling/disabling SMART support in the BIOS.

    None of the changes make a difference.

    Anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be?

    By the way, the boot drive absolutely screams along now and I'm happy with that aspect. However this refusal to boot 1st time means my backup procedure ain't going to work, so it needs to be addressed rather than ignored. I'd appreciate some help regarding the cause of "SMART command failed" please.


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