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    Dec 25, 2001
    Agg has approved the below rules for the sub-forum:

    Referral Links
    Referral links are not allowed on OCAU forums.

    Investment Advice
    Please remember that people will promote a coin\token they hold. Please do your own research prior to making a decision to purchase a coin. Crypto-currency is still in it's infancy so there is not a guarantee that your investment will yield a return. As with the financial sub-forum please do not offer financial advice or recommendations on buying or selling a particular coin\token. OCAU or it's members are not responsible if you do purchase a coin\token based on information read here.

    Linking of articles
    Please be aware that according to the "Copyright Act 1968" not more than 10% of an article should be quoted. Furthermore a link to the source must be given so that the author of the article can be identified.
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