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    Jun 27, 2001
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    We get a lot of "What <insert application name here> is the <insert variables here> for me" questions here at OCAU, and these questions tend to get repeated on a weekly basis. In an attempt to avoid forum duplication several members have created lists containing links to the most valuable applications that OCAU members use, and in an attempt to avoid "sticky overflow" I've collected all the previous stickies into this sticky of stickies, enjoy :)

    The Open Source Reference Thread (Mark II). <---New and Improved!

    Open Source your day. The (in)Complete Reference to Open Source Software (OSS) for the Win32 platform.

    The Freeware List. The definitive collection of the freeware prefered by OCAU members.

    The slim software megathread - Programs that have a small footprint but do not lack functionality.

    The Thread. Firefox, Mozilla, FAQs, Tweaks, Optimised Builds etc

    The Massively Massively Large List of Anti-Virus, Firewall and Spyware Programs. The.....title says it all really.....

    The Serious Samurize Thread, get your fix of tweaks, hints and fixes here.

    The Official (ish) 3DMark03 SCORES Thread, how good is your system at and interesting performance benchmarks :Paranoid:

    Office 2007 (aka Office 12) discussion
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